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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hw until Tonight *sigh*

Listening to: theme songs from the DVDs below
Watching: Fruit Baskets, Final Fanstasy: Unlimited
Time: 4:14 pm in Osaka Japan [why you ask that is not my current location I go by that time]
Today I will not do my HW until it is night and about to go to sleep [very sad so sad] I will finish my HW tonight come on cheer me on I will need the luck!!! Oh yeah today I took a bunch of quizzes more like 12 oh well I am gonna put a pic up k!!!
1. Any good news today??
2. Any bad news today??
1. Nope!!
2. Nope [well except the h/w thing]
Club Stats
-Air Fan Club = 1 member(s)
-Dragon Knights Club = 3 member(s)
-Don’t Steal Club = 2 member(s)
-Sister Clan = 3 member(s)
-Yukito Fan Club = 1 member(s)
“Truth of finding darkness will make a circle around you, truth of finding light and its opposite will become of you”

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