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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Today is another day

Listening to: theme songs from the DVDs below
Watching: Gundam Seed, Galaxy Angel, and Chobits
Time: 4:14 pm in Osaka Japan [why you ask that is not my current location I go by that time]
Today is the weekend and today I will not do my hw until tomorrow on Sunday [sad isn’t] okay anyways today I will go to all your guy’s sites k and then comment there and if it lets me sign your gb okay this post is short right okay now for thousands of Q’s.
1. Favorite Day of the week??
2. Favorite time of the day??
3. Favorite time to be when relaxing??
4. Favorite pastimes??
5. Favorite color??
6. Favorite star, moon, planet, network of stars, ect.??
7. Do you believe in reincarnation, destiny, and ect.??
8. Are you happy at this current moment??
1. Saturday!!
2. Evening-night!!
3. Under a tree when the lights are dim, or the moon is full!!
4. Sitting with my friends under a full moon, talking to them!!
5. Silver mostly, black, purple!!
6. The moon when it is full!!
7. Yes I do with all my heart and soul!!
8. Yes, cuz it is a weekend, a little depressed tho!!
Club Stats
-Dragon Knights Club = 3 member(s)
-Don’t Steal Club = 2 member(s)
-Sister Clan = 3 member(s)
“When the moon is full, our hearts are set free, but no one has ever thought to take some time and relax, when it is full sit in a tree and let your souls fly”

Please comment, sign my GB, and visit my friends.

P.S. Anyone want to see pics after that just answer this in your comments thing just use the hands thing to see pics okay??

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