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Sunday, April 6, 2008

   3 countries one city
...... XD I went to little Mexico (I forgot the name of it) China Town, and Little Tokyo all in one lovely Sunday afternoon. I mean day I spent the whole day there.
well first we went to little Mexico XD I had the BEST TAMLES EVAH!XD they were yummehhh...=d and then after that we went to China town were we walked around a bit and did nothing 8D then it took us about half an hour to find parking to go to Little Tokyo apparently there was a festival going on!8D It was ssoo.... much fun! X3 I met this stranger named Allan and he taught me how to play go! (he was in a table thing with a coupke of other guys.It was a booth.)I whipped his ass in one game and then my dad came along maybe worried this guy as a pedo(he wasn't he was too nerdy and nice :3) and he got into the game and then my dad whipped my ass at the game 15 points for my dad and 0 points for me!XD Allan’s accent did make it hard to understand sometimes but I got it I still need a bit of help though(anyone love me enough?:3)and oh...there was this free arts and crafts table centers thing...there was this one guy....>___> he was cute...XD
I said nothing and did not sit at the table he worked at XD I'm such a loser but like later one I went over there with Bob (the tree we adopted but then gave away to couple who wanted very badly an Arizona ash tree. the kind we had but since they did not live in the county they could only get one. we gave bob to them since we can get seven more tress for free. it was such a cute little tree. I hope you like your new home Bob:3)
Anyways we still had Bob and I was carrying it so it was in front of me and I was standing in front of the booth next to the one we was “working” at. He was really just sitting there looking shy and embarrassed while he fiddled with his scarf. (A very nice scarf.) and I was tippy toeing to look over this person’s shoulder so can see if he was still there and I lost my balance and tripped but I didn’t fall just tripped and I almost dropped bob!D8 but I didn’t then my mom comes up to me like “do you want to do that art’s and craft’s thing…?” “O////////OI n-no…I-it’s...o-oka.....n-not r-really…..let’s go look over there!*walks away dazed and embarrassed*” yeah XD lolz he smiled at me lolz probably a “this chick keeps on looking over heeeree….just smile….^____^'...” lolz it looked like a sincere “h-hello…” smile lolz but he was older…damn XD lolz yeah I miss bob a bit…but he’s in better hands now! That lady was so happy when we gave him to her> I’m glad I made somes one day a bit better :3. Well I had fun and I got a Death note Scroll/poster thing it has L and Light on it :3 you must love L. and I also got two little Gin Ichimaru keychain things yeah he’s from Bleach btw if you don’t watch it. I don’t either but just LOVE Gin :3>yeah I don’t know were to hang my scroll/poster thing I was gone put it over my bed cause that’s all the room left cause I have some other Gay Happy bunny posters up, That I plan to take down as I get more Anime décor Yeah :3 so…should I put it over my bed or will it make me look like a creepy obsessed Fan girl? Because right when you walk in my room Itachi is staring at you like he’s pissed. XD I love the scroll/Poster it scars the hell outta people! XD

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Monday, March 10, 2008

D8 is all I have to say. I have requested at my school that I want to be droped to Pre-Algerbra instead of Algebra which means I will take Pre-Algebra for my second time D8.I just SUCK at math SO bad it's not even funny D8. I took a test for math and I guessed on EVERY anwser I'm not kidding EVERY SINGLE ONE. Then my teacher anounced how I showed no work and it was only letters on my paper. Thanks alot Teach.... I have to say I get good grades in all my other classes English I have a A I do and I have like B's in the rest and one D in history but that's because I didn't turn in these two essays that were Due D8. I'm horrible I know D8.Yeah but I'm not stupid so don't treat me like that. I'm just really bad at typing so excuse my bad spelling due to my typing D8.Yeah...well I decided to start a new thing of mine. I wake up every morning and I rememeber the first thing I heard all day cause It's usally a song. So the random Lyric of the day is...
"Slowly walking down the hall, Faster than a cannon ball.Where were you while we were getting high?"
Yeah...that's the First I heard in the morning I have no idea what song it is and what band it is so if someone knows and cares to tell please do.
Song(s) of the Day "Date Rape" By Sublime and "Pain" by Three days Grace
Yes I am in an emo mood

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

WOOT!OKay i miss this site SO MUCH!*huggles MyO**sniff* don't leave me MyO...They have all gone to "The dark side" *evil glances at people on the dark side*hhhhs...XD okay nayway yeah i posted up some old art i drew last year XD the only thing I like about it is the Chibi L i drew in ti so lmao so plese go check it out when it comes out thankyou!
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Last post?
Is this my last Post here on MyO and shall this be taken over by worlds? The new my Otaku? maybe i'm not sure..but i shall never forget the wonderful times I've had using MyOtaku and all the wonderful people whom i love so much.
All of you guys somehow help me stay sane :3 so thanks and I'll shall never forget MyO cause I'm probaly gonna like MyO better because worlds sounds very hard to understand :3

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

OMFG! okay so I'm out of school early so like right now all you peole are like IN SCHOOL STILL!XDLMAO! so no one's on and I'm bored....-.- XD lmao so yeah....TOMMORW I HAVE A FILED TRRRIIPPP!!!I get to eat pizza and eat all the Sugar cookies I want! xd yay! x3 ....YAY FOR POINTLESS POSTS!8D
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

wow....I'm so sorry i dided and was gone for like EVER!SORRY GUYS! ; ; anyways i found out who looked like the lead singer in the in my last post. XD He kinds looks like Joshie(MEUN)!XDlmao okay!well ART OMG! I actually have to finsh this so you can expect to see it this time XD lmao and umm...GIN! OH YES MY GIN!~ XD lmao i found this vid were he sings!~ so lovely....*drools* so please check it out!:3

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Monday, February 18, 2008

>.O hhmm....
OK so I was looking at some cosplay and I came across this vid and I as I wacthing it I couldn't help but think
1)The guy in the front in teh red looks familar to meh....but why?(he comes out at 00:36)
2)*coughhescutecough*I can't help but stare at him....*___* XD lmao if you say he has a creepy stare.I know i love it XD if you don't know meh by now i should say I like some pretty weird stuff XD
1)does he look familar to you >.O and if he does why?and who does he look like i can't put my finger on it DX
that's it XD
Here teh vid
Jungwha Banjum

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Teh myotaku page is messing uupp..sometimes it let's meh send PM's sometimes it dosen't sometimes it loads really fast sometimes it takes FOREVER!DX DAMN!I wanna talk to meh really good friends T__T *hugs you all*WWHHHAAA!!!DX
....*sniff*..ok I'm done...XD lmao anyways
PUPPET GIRL!not finshed yet XD I always tell you guys i have art but then i never finsh it and no one says anything XD Lmao!anywayss....I HAVE MONDAY OFF!*jumps up*w00t! X3 YAYYYY!!!RAINBOWS!:3 XD ok lmao I'm booreed....so I'm reading this Uber good manga called
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
most of the chracters are guys and some them are very....bisssiiiihhee....*drools* XD but there are some cute girls in there for you male readers XD Lmao well..yeah go check it out PLEASE!X3it's really funny and fun to read :3 you can read it and other manga at
XD lmao i sound like i'm a spammer person!XD WHHEEEEEEE:3 anyways...yeah..bored 8D mORE NEWS LATER!...MAYBE!XD
EDIT:it seems i can now send PM's so if you wanna talk send meh one!:3

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   About yesterday's post...^__^'
yeeeahh.....I was sad yesterday...well worried about one of my friends but there are A-OKAY!XP they were just REALLY busy!XD lmao so yeah I'm glad you guys are so nice!X3 I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS!*glomps you all and gives you cookies and pocky*YYAAYYY!!RAINBOWS!AND UNICORNS AND CANDY!!!!8D....NO.XD lmao But i do feel better now so don't worry!XD lmao.OH!NEW ART!puppet giirrll...not for Sasori!it's not realated to Naruto at all okay peoples!>.O it's still and unfinshed sktech!XD and since my scanner is so old I need to ink it first so it can show up XD ok so it'll be awhile...^__^' and the Lovey dovey day art I might turn that in when I finsh it XD lmao ok..LATER!:3
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Unseen,Lonely, and Unheard
1)Unseen:Today at Basket my own team forgot about me and thought I was on the other team I'm always wide open because no blocks me I'm Unseen most of the time
2)Lonlely:I'm not sure what's up but one of my frineds is either crying or busy right now and don't know which one it is because I haven't gotten any message form them since last night I feel Lonely
3)Unheard,Unseen, And most of all Lonely:I put my opinons out there no one listens. Poetry for the broken hearted(my dear friend) from someone mentally broken(me)?haven't gotton a response yet.Family wanna talk?Haven't gotten a response yet.Igorning me.Friends to lean on?Currently zero on.Lonely?crappy day?Miss some one?Wanna cry?Yes.
EDIT:No comments yet that's okay.Went outside to feed my dogs.Walked around the pool a bit sat down and my doggies came and cuddled with me.Played with my doggies for a bit as they jumped on me and enjoyed me petting them behide the ears.Watched the Moon that's almost full and saw the most beautiful stars I've ever seen in my backyard.enjoyed the cold air and walked around the pool some more.I feel better now.
My dogs love:always Seen,Never unheard and never Lonely

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