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Friday, February 29, 2008

   Heylo! ..im alive :D
Long time no post... :O it been a while..like 2 weeks...holy snap. Sorry, i havent been on lately... everything is crazy down here. Plus i been on awolnow. If ur on there say hi to me ^-^.

CAPTS [10th grade testing.] start next week so excuse me if im not on alot. Today is friday! so happy friday! :3 And i'll reply to pm.. i replied most of then already. :D Well. Pm me. -Max

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Ah.. snow snow and guess what? MORE SNOOOW!!!!
Guess what? it's snowing... but im pretty sure most of kno that already...mostly the people who lives Northeast of usa. There is like 7 inches.. and it's still going. =O >.< Well im around, cuz i cant really go anywhere in this weather unless i wanna go out and snowblow the driveway... >.< which is not gonna happen. Pm me. -Max
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Hola ppl,
I still cant comment, it been like a week. This sucks. T-T And for some reason MyO is really slow on my computer, i dunno if it's just my computer or MyO, though im gonna get it[my computer] fixed tomorrow, so it's all good. I have no school this week cuz our school is on break. Well, for the most parts everyone seems good.. except one person, in which i cant talk to since my computer is down, and im sorry about that. Well, im around. Pm me. -Max

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey everyone! How ya been? Sorry i haven't been on/posting lately. It's mostly cuz im bck to school and they [the teachers] got me working on 3 week worth of homework, quizzes and tests. Dont worry, i'll be on more often after [this] Friday. =]

And also, sorry i cant comment [on ppl's post] as well as a lot of people, other wise i would have commented on ur updates. Well im around for now, i gotta write a essay on "Freedom" >.<. PM me. C ya. -Max

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

O.O This is different... i dont like this change.. it's weird. :O ...the Birthdays and the Member Since is like yr/mon/day 0.0 '


Ah. Happy sunday!.. and finally the sun is out, here it been raining and snowing bck and forth the last 2 weeks or so. ^___^ And, tomorrow im bck to school, so today i gotta finish all my make up work.. or most of it at least. T-T and there is alot. Well, im around. So pm me. -Max

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Friday, February 8, 2008

   Friday. Feb. 8. 2008
Happy Friday!
Wow... i am still not getting used to this 2008 thing... it's gonna take me a while. ^-^

Well, today is the last day i get to stay home. T-T im gonna miss it. Good thing is it's only a week. The week after, we have our Feb/Winter break. ^-^ The doctor said i cant finish the season[basketball] cuz of my surgery. I gotta wait 2-3 month before playing any sports. Well, that's it. Im gonna go to ppl's sites now. Im around, here and on AIM so pm me. -Max

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The doc said i wont be bck to school till monday. Which is pretty good. Though it's more make up work. =] Other than that, everything is fine. Expect my brother got a ticket for speeding. it's kinda funny watching him actually goin to work early to pay of the ticket.. if my dad finds out, he'll freak. :) Sweet karma. ^-^

I changed my icon.. it's still Bleach though. Well, im off to other ppl's site. PM me. Later. -Max

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Um. Unfortunately the Patriots lost yesterday. And the Gaints won. 13-17. Good job. TT-TT [*cough* u suck *cough*] Anyways, one more day of staying home. ^-^ I finish most of my homework. It sucked. It was pure torture. Well, im around, i'm gonna go to ppl's sites. later. -Max
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   Well... i'm okay
Hey people =] What's up? Im better now. Much better. I can walk now. ^-^ Thanks all for wishing me well... and wishing me not to die (._.) ... Thanks. Plus, i got no school till wednesday. Though my big bro got all my homework i missed all week. Yup. it's sucks when u have siblings that go to the same school as you. >.< He insisted. Which is crap. My chemistry packet was like 11 pages [most front and back]. Anyways, it's February. Happy Feb. :-] And the Superbowl is on today. Im going for the Patriots. Well, that's all for now. Im around. Pm me. -Max
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sorrry i havent been on lately. Since Sunday. I wasnt feelin very well. ON monday i went to the the doctors and they said it was cuz of my appendicitis. Than i had a surgery. And Wednesday my had a fever, but they wanted me in the hospital cuz they didnt want it to turn into pneumonia or whatever. Well, i'm somewhat better now. How is everyone eles? When i get a chace i'll come by ppl's site. Thanx. =] Pm me. -Max
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