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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wallpapers these days
I never rant about things on the otaku but today I amn about to get my rant on today it is about these wallpapers. it seems that people get these props by just putting up damn pictures and blowing them up and everyone seems to like it, shit if that was all I had to do then I would have been the shit but the diffrence between these noobies and the senior otakus and the legens is that when we make wallpapers we put fucking style to them and actually have a reason for why we do it but to me I think that everyone is missing the point people steal other people's backgrounds and some alterthem to make it their own. I am not saying that is not bad and all but I make my own backgrounds and I think I do a pretty damn good job at it for a senior otaku who only made about 50 wallpapers and is almost at the 6,000 hit mark I think I have don well for myself but people these days don't appreciate the fact that hard waorkers (such as the legengs on this form and the seniors) don't get all the credit they deserve because of the noobies not even trying to make a wallpaper effort that really steams my. Why should they be called a wallpaper when all it is is a anime picture blown up in my opinion these should not be considered wallpapers until at least one thing has been changed on it and so forth.

all in all I had a semi great day since I am a Yu gi oh fan of the game I went on making 3 new decks yestureday and went on to drawing 5 new pictures sad I have no way once again you know what forget it I am sick and tired of saying the same thing over and over again. I will just post them up when I have a chance because I think that my skills have improved over the course of my otaku life and I could be considered a kick as original drawer, but I am not

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