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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Double Chin!
My cousin came over today and while we were eating lunch, I noticed his double chin. Yeah, he's pretty fat. I told him and he started feeling his chin and asked, "What's a double chin?"
He's only eight, so I explained to him what a double chin was. Extra fat that most fat people have. He looked in the mirror and started laughing. He then said,"Yes, I have a double chin, mwahahahahaha!"
I told him he'll never get the chicks like that, being proud of a double chin, and he got mad.
"Stare at my double chin! Stare at it! Yo now have a double chin!"
I warned him about diabetes, but every time I do, he didn't care. Ah well.
NOTE: I'm sorry if I offended anyone that is overweight or has a double chin. It was just really funny that I had to tell someone.

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