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Saturday, June 10, 2006

A day we will never forget...
I don't usally post on the weekends but this is an importaint day...

Just so I don't have to type this again, this is a post I made on Yugioh Club:

In honor of Kazuki Takahashi and the last episode of the Yu-gi-oh! series, I will be making a tribut graphic for bitter sweet moment. To think....YGO is finally comeing to an end. I just can't bear to think how boring my Saterday mornings will be.

Anyways, please post your user name and maybe a few words (if I can fit them all in) and I will add you to the mormorial.

The mormorial will be posted on my web site Anime-Fire when it is finished.

So please! Comment and post your username and a few words that you would like to say (if you want) and I will be happy to add them to the tribut.

Tell all your friends about this!

It is a pretty strange feeling knowing that YGO is now finally over.

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