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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

   Quick post and update
Hello peoples, just a quick little post. I'm still very busy. I have to get aprils update for my website done and try and finish the de vinchi code by tomorrow. Oh and I also posted some very funny pictures from The Sims that I took using some Final Fantasy VII characters. It's in the galary on my site, Anime-Fire.com. Here's the link.


Oh yes, and I just got Howl's Moving Castle yesterday. It' was very good. It got the dvd in japanese, but it also came with the english version so I was very happy too. I'm going to ask my tearcher in book club if we can read it and watch the movie after we are done reading the De Vinchi Code because I think that the book would be great and it would be a good reason to watch the movie again. Not like I won't anyways. ^^

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