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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Here we go again
and you wonder why Laura doesn't want to post art anymore:

there are updates here:

It has come to my attention that Stacey the art thief is trying to steal my and my daughter's Screen names and IDs

if you see the names Marik2112, Seto2112, or setomarik2112 with any e-mail address other than tokay@ptd.net or test_for_echo2222@yahoo.ca (the yahoo one is a back-up)

then it's not either of us. Please let us know ASAP if you find this.

This is especially true if you see it on a Final Fantasy forum or related site.

See: [link] for sites I found or find this on.

Note-I have had to sign up to some of these forums to stop her-so look for the website, above, attached to the name on the profile

BTW-I expected this to happen-so it comes as no surprise. It's what she does.


Quote from: Anime Spiral
"Hello I am Adele or better known as Seth Kaiba (ShadowAtem/Shadow Adele/Seyneha/Marik2112). I am a Anime Artist and Writer.
The reason I joined was to stop an art theif by the name of "ryouin"
PLEASE do not copy or take my work without a WRITTEN permission. Thank you.
~Seth Kaiba (ShadowAtem/Shadow Adele/Seyneha/Marik2112)
**My Galleries**
Shadow Realm Haven
~All Artwork are Copywrite to Me (ShadowAtem/Shadow Adele/Seyneha/Marik2112) NO COPY~"

she's a pain in butt.

Plus the following:



and Marik2112 on GaiaOnLine

plus she has e-mails in our names too.

I apologize for writing all this $hit - Laura is really afraid to post much anymore.

~her Mom

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