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Sunday, February 5, 2006

Thanks for the comments you guys! I'm glad you like the new theme ^^ (although even if you didn't, I thank you for the kind lies you have told me O_o)

Lol, not much to say...hope you are all well. We're making a pastry slice tomorrow, but I don't have a clue what that is. I was going to do apple and cinnamin, but I can't find any apple pie filling (what does that look like anyway? Does no one in the 21st century make pie anymore? Is that why I can't find it??), so I've resorted to Cheese and Onion, although I am 50g short of cheese (and stuck with an abnormally large onion O_O)...

Drew another beanbag puppet pic!

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   The start of a new theme!
Heey, thanks for the comments last time (all three of 'em! ^^)! I've only just finished getting to your sites (I'm so sorry. I didn't realise it would take me almost a week TT______TT, lame dial-up connection and time limit!)...

New Theme: Angels (Not quite religious ones...)

Anyway, the new theme is kicking off today and like I did for the 'Winter Snow' theme, I drew a little picture! ^^ This time though, I'm not posting it in the fanart section, and instead, is posting it here!

Those two beanbag puppets are my latest creation. I love drawing them, they make me chuckle ^^ the girl is named Beaniy, and the boy is named Patch! Do you like them? Please tell me what you think and have a nice day!

With love,


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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yes, it's a weekday so I guess it isn't the best of days to update! But still, I want to thank you for the comments (hurrah!) and I want to tell you all that I'm making a new theme. When it's finished, I hope you'll like it! I was going to keep this theme for a little longer, but as the weather is freezing outside, I'd rather have my site looking a little warmer ^^

My "idea" though (as this post's title says) is that I've been on MyO for over a year now (has it been two years? I don't know...^^;) and no one really knows a thing about me. Of course, you could just not care, lol, but I haven't bothered much to introduce myself either! So, why not start now?

Please fill this in and tell me a little about yourself! ^^

Real Name:
Rough Location:

...And that's all I can think about for now, lol. Anyone got any questions for me? Well, it isn't fair for me to expect you to answer without me giving some answers as well, so, here goes:

Real Name: Kitty
Age: 14
Rough Location: England - United Kingdom. Somewhere in the province of Buckinghamshire.
Comments: I'm in Year 9, and I'm not actually English. I have a British passport, but I'm actually Cantonese :P

Sorry for the long post! I'll be off to your sites immediately ^_^!

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Hello, how is everyone? Sorry, I went away for a while again. My only reason is that obviously, after the New Year and the holidays were officially over, we went back to school. We had loads of end-of-term tests to do (they didn't want to give it to us before Christmas, as it would 'ruin the mood' so we have it now, when I can't remember anything I learnt in the term before...) and assessments to complete and all that kind of stuff.

To put it bluntly, it makes me feel like this:

Bah. Anywho, that's about all that's been up with me! I drew a Kirara picture, but I'm not planning to post it in the fanart section ^^; what have you guys been up to?

I chose a night where I didn't have to finish homework (for tomorrow) so I could, hopefully, get around all your sites, but it's getting late so it's looking unlikely. No worries though, I shall get to you all eventually!! ^___^

Take care,


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Thursday, December 29, 2005

   New Year's soon!
Hi hi! Thank you to those who commented on the last post and went to vote/comment on the fanart (and if you haven't that's okay, but please go see it if you have time! I like tips as much as the next person ^^, lazy link here!) as well! ^^ You all rock so much!

Anywho, how was your Christmas? Mine was good, I didn't get anything really big or expensive or anything (I didn't want anything really expensive anywho) and we didn't have our Christmas tree up either ^^; but I felt as though people actually put thought into what they got me this year...which is more than anything I could have hoped for!

Did you get any good presents? What was your favourite present from Santa? Heehee, Christmas is such fun ^________^

Anywho, next holiday to be merry and festive about is...


So, is anyone staying up for the countdown or starting any New Year Resolutions?

Heheh, well, I'll be off to shop for a new calendar - gotta have a good start to the new year, right? Until next time, take care!


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Thursday, December 22, 2005

   3 more days to go!
YAY! It's almost Christmas, what joy! I don't feel like a Scrooge this year, which is spiffing. I hope you're all feeling festive and merry ^^ cus' that's always fun.

Thanks for the comments on the last post! I've got enough Internet time today to get around everyone's sites (I hope)! So what's been up? Nothing much has been going on for me - preparing for Christmas, bought FLCL (haha, it's funny) and I posted some new fanart!

It's a tribute to the Shichinintai of Inuyasha! As most of you may or may not know, I'm a big Bankotsu fan (but I'm not big on public affection) so I thought I'd doodle a little something ^^ Please go check it out if you have time! I'd appreciate anything.

And if you're lazy, here's a link!

Thanks! ^^ And MERRY EARLY XMAS if I don't post before then!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

   What a feelin' this is!
HURRAH! I have finally gotten to all of your sites, caught up with everyone...but failed to reply to all PMs. Gah, I was so happy then, I thought I'd done everything, lol. Ah well, I'll answer PMs tomorrow! I'm off to bed after this ^^

Hmm, well I put up the banner that Inuyasha311 gave me! Thank you so much! It's the first banner I've ever gotten ^^ and I feel so grateful!

I'll talk to you guys later anywho, I really do have to go to bed now ^^ Bye! Hope you're all well!

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yes! I'm back! Haha, sorry, I went away without leaving a note or anything to warn you guys, but it wasn't an expected leaving so you know...I have been online and about, just not in any decent mood to post (I'm the sort of person to sit and sulk alone rather than scream it out online ^_^).

Anyway, how has everyone been? Good, I hope! I don't have much time left (and I don't really have much to say either!) but hopefully, I'll get to all your sites by tonight and get my homework done in time for tomorrow as well!

Farewell and good day ^______^

EDIT 12/12: SO SORRY. It's the second day and I've only gotten down to M. So if your Username is M or below, then I'm sorry but I haven't visited you yet! I will get to you eventually, I promise!!

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Friday, November 18, 2005

   Nothing to report!
Hello! Well, as the title suggests, there isn't much to report - I've been a little busy with schoolwork (when am I not?) and all that usual stuff, as well as trying hard not to fall ill in the winter months! I get a cold every year, baah...

The site theme is finished! I hope you like it ^^ and thanks to everyone who's gone and voted/commented on my last piece of fanart! YAY! *Hugs* If you haven't already, I'd really appreciate it if you could go vote or comment (or basically tell me what you think) of my fanart!

I'm sure that it's there now! ^_^

Hope you all have a good weekend! I'll be off to visit you guys now ^^

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Friday, November 11, 2005

   An Announcement
Hello! Thank you for the helpful comments everyone made last time ^^ I'm considering putting music on the site, but my computer is quite slow, and I'd hate it if my own computer wasn't able to load my own site...

Anyway, the announcement I was going to make is about the New Theme!! Everything is ready to go, which means that the site is ready to be transformed ^_____^

And now, without further ado, I shall announce the name of the New Theme!

MangoChan's New Theme: Winter Snow

Okay, so I guess it's a little typical to have a theme called Winter Snow in winter...but I don't normally get snow where I live, so I wanted my site to seem snowy at least ^^ The site change is going to be quite slow, and gradual, so when you read this, the site probably won't have changed that much!

To launch this new theme, I drew a picture ^^! Please go check it out if you have some spare time (if it's not there yet, please look out for it!) I have posted it on MyOtaku Fanart so that you all can get a chance to see it, hehe...I think it's probably the best drawing I've done so far, but constructive critiscm is always welcome so I can get better ^______^

Anywho, take care and that's all for now!

PS. 2 minutes silence in memory of Remembrance Day: to the heroes that fought for the future.

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