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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Happy New Year!
Yay.... 2008...
Not much going on; I've been working on projects here and there; but I've mostly been hanging out with friends the past couple days...
*got to do the New Years kiss last night... score... XD*
I have one comic and a picture to photoshop... but I do need to expand my portfolio. The only thing bad about it is um... I have a bad tendancy of "cleaning up" (i.e. DELETING PICTURES...). So before I delete ones you like, tell me your favorites :).
I've been getting better at Guitar Hero. Still on easy, but getting better XD. I'm listening to heavier music again; I kinda went soft for two years (even though I'll always love the classics) I'm going hardcore (again XD). Right now I'm listening to Trivium; and I REALLY want to get Dragonforce.So does my boyfriend XD
Got anything you wanna recommend?

Any fanart ideas...?

...how was your Christmas and New Years?

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