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Saturday, July 21, 2007

   Camping.... how fun

Rihanna - Umbrella lyrics
The other day I went camping the other day, with my school, and it was ok I geuss. Until the last night, at about 18:00 the teachers gathered us all up and told us thst there was gonna be a MASSIVE storm at night. so we had 2 hours to pack all the tents away and pack all our stuff up and put it all in the mess nents. We then had to sleep in these big halls (one 4 the boys and one 4 the girls). So imagan sleeping in a big hall with 75 other people in it at 3 am with the the rain poring down out side, with the thunder and lightning comeing down, no electricatey, no heating, have about 3 feet each to sleep in. Loadsa people were crying aswell, it was horible.

In the moring when we got up the rain was still poring down. At 8:45 it was still pitch black outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And all there was to eat 4 each person was a tiny bole of cereal, a peace of bread, a small hand full of cola bottles and some gummy rings. We were ankle deep in water and mud (meanly mud). Until finaly we got in the cotches and went home... Never been so happy to be home in all my life.

Well I'm glad to be back ^^
c ya
luff yooh all

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