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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey people! Funny day in one of my classes today. Nyahaha. Oh, plus in my last class of the day too...We were talking about how men can breastfeed. Which they can. Apparently under stressful times without the mother the male's hormone's can sorta adjust to be like a girl's, and they well....can produce milk. *Laughs* It'd be really funny to see a buff dude with boobs. xD
1)What songs do you think match you right now?

Me) Gives You Hell//All American Rejects, Coffee (For Closers)//FallOutBoy, Kryptonite, A Sum41 song that I don't remember the title....

2)What Kind of phases do you think a mother has?

Me)Lots of them. I just expreienced the 'Oh, I'm SO happy you have a crush' phase.

3)Draco Malfoy! Tell me what you think of this clip?

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