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Monday, December 22, 2008

I found out what I want to be when I'm older,
Heyheyhey everybody!.
Wow,only like, 3 more days for Christmas!. I'm soo excited!.

So,I' not sure I've told many people this.

**I've been reading lots of Vogue magazines.

**I've been watching runway models all the time on TV.

**And,lately, instead of buying art supplies and little iTunes music cards,I've been spending money on makeup and clothes.

**People have been telling I should be a model because of my 'ruler' figure and tall height ever since I was little.

And now I kind of have an idea of what I want to do when I'm adult.
I want to me a makeup artist. Or something in the fashion field. Or maybe a clothes designer. I don't know,but I really love it.

Last night I stayed up until one in the morning just to watch this show called "Blush", looking for the next great makeup artist.
And,it's being a makeup ARTIST,which is still an art.
It's also very beautiful. When you have a living thing as your canvas. So I could show some makeovers on here. Because it's an art.

And you're not just focusing on the eyes,and face. It's mainly the whole body.
You add a little something to the skin to make it stand out like bronzer,to achieve that sunkissed look. I really love it. Support Mami-chan?. ^_____^

I swear,this was really deep for me. xD

Well,yeah,thank you so much for reading this!.
Love you!.


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