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Sunday, September 7, 2008

   School XD;
Was intresting.
I got my own locker. Whewt.
The past 3 mornings I have had morning stomache. D:>
I have like 5 binders I need to bring.
And all this other big fat school stuff. >__>;
It was the biggest list of things I've seen in my ENTIRE life.
My homeroom is downstairs,and all
my other classes are up,so in the morning I have to:

Go upstairs and go to my locker,get stuff I need for periods 1,2,3 and 4.
Go to my homeroom.
Go to 2nd period science.
Go to Social Studies.
Go to health (or study hall,depends on which day it is).

Go back to my locker and put everything away before 5th period (lunch).
After lunch go back to my locker and get stuff out for 6,7, and 8th period.
Go to English with a teacher who has the same last name as me. xD
7th period in another block of English,or it's just math,depends on which day.
Then go to math.
Put everything away.
Go home and attempt to calm down.


I'm not even sure if I'll have time for my art. :0
I feel so tired.
These past 3 days of school have been just people telling us about what we need for school and stuff.
Tomorrow the real work starts. T__T;
And I thought it was hard now.
Oh,and in science class,I get to deicect W-O-R-M-S. D':

Yes,so,thank you for reading.
> w <


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