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Friday, January 18, 2008

Hi! Thank you for the comments yesterday! *hugs* I'm absent from school again,foot. I was going to go to the doctors today,but, it snowed last night and we can't get our car out of the driveway. (>.>) -laughs- so I'll just have to keep using the itch cream I already have. It's soooo cold!! I think I'm just gonna go upstairs and read anime and listen to my Jonas Brothers cd. xD Rest. I had so many brownies and then last night I got a sugar rush. I got really dizzy and I couldn't fall asleep. xD I couldn't even remember what 5+5 was!!! xD really!!! Now I'm better. No more brownies for me!! -laughs-

So that's it! Have a great day everybody! Luv you guys!



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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hi! Thank you for the comments yesterday! *hugs*

How is everybody doing today? I'm good! ^ ^
I went to the library and got Mermaid Melody,Anima,and some other manga stuff. And a book about wolves,which I love!

I have to go to the doctors tomorrow, because my feet are hurting. I think I have athletes foot. They are red and itchy. D :
So I stayed home because I can't walk, I'm walking on my heels. xDDD

My mom just brownies <3 My weakness other than magazines 0w0


I'm posting lateee! It's 5:33pm

I couldn't have posted earlier but I was miss lazy pants. XD

So that's it. My dad just got home.

Have a great day everybody! Love you guys! -smiles-

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

heyy! ;3

thank you for the comments yesterday! *hugs*

keyblademewkasa,tsunadeichigo10,yaya-chan,and kokkoii-matoku! ;D

Mangue Mew Mews died. (;__;) I didn't like it that much~~

I miss Mew Mew Unlimited. -sigh- I hope that didn't die either,that was a great team.


I need a new background. Theme? Does anybody have any ideas?? I'm still thinking. KCK got old. And this background is bugging meeee. lol.

Today at school was somewhat boring. We had the state test today. It was easy! They get you all hyped up.

I'm not downloading photoshop elements 5.0 until i get my scanner this or next week. I don't even know how to use it!!!!! xD I'll learn I guess. My friend gave it to me. Her dad is like a computer guy who works with computers and he has photoshop and all that jazz.

Any action? Not for me.
I'm going to a sleepover Friday-Saturday so I won't be on untill about Sunday.

I guess that's all! Luv you guys! I hope you have an amazing day!! *hugs*

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yaya-chan and T-chan's B-day!


Happy Birthday to Tsunadeichigo10 and Yaya-chan!!Image Hosting by Picoodle.com twins~lol

Here is T-chan's cake~Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

and Yaya's cake! (it's larger than it looks,i promise) Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

happy BirThDay

I love you guys! You are so awesome and sweet. And everybody, if you would be so kind please wish T-chan and Yaya-chan a happy Birthday too! ^__^

Now for a party???


I made these~

everybody gets one. ^.^


Bear Cupcakes

I hope you have an amazing Birthday T-chan and Yaya! *hugs*

You are AWESOME!!


ps~i just got Photoshop Elements 5.0 (^.^)

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Monday, January 14, 2008

heyyyyyyyy!! x3

Tomorrow is yaya-chan and t-chan's b-days!

be sure to come everybody!! ;3

today at school was boring.

We had a two hour delay because I got about 10 inches of snow.

I just downloaded aim,so i have an addiction!! xD

One of my friends,new to the otaku, her name is chibikittychan,wanted me to do her site.

Angel Zakuro, I gave her the post box too,gave you credit of course,and she loves it! ;D

oh goodness i'm so bored.

My friend,Kayla, well her dad is a computer person. He has like, every computer related thing. He's giving me photoshop~for free! ;D

And i'm getting a scanner? oh Mami is happyyyyyy. lol.

I need to clean out my friend list,and update my profile. I need to stop adding everybody to my friend list and they end up never commenting and such.

That's it!Have a great day! luv ya! *hugs*


run away everybody~
runnn pokemon ,i mean pacman

break it down~

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hi! ;D How is everybody? I'm good!

Tomorrow i might not have school~snow storm warning! xD

yesterday i went to my friends house, nothing special here!

same old stuff.

I'll talk more tomorrow. Nothing much going on.

*laughs* sooooo.....yeahh.

T-chan and Yaya-chan's B-days are in 2 days..

I'm throwing them a party, come if you like! ;D

And yes, i'm baking a cake...err....2.


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Saturday, January 12, 2008

heyy! just letting you all know i'm alive! ;D


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hi! Thank you for the comments yesterday! *hugs*


How is everybody today? I'm ... good! ^^

I dislike the name of Mew Mew Mangue.
Sooooooooooooooooo, I was thinking about making it Osaka Mew Mew or something else. Please, does ANYBODY have any ideas?!?!?! D:



I'm bored. School was boring. One of my friends,Kayla, wants to come over this weekend.

There is nothing really going on.

I haven't been doing any pictures because my hands have been hurting a LOT. My dad has something called cmt. It's a nerve disorder and it makes your hands/feet hurt and stuff. We think I might have it. It just needs time to rest.

Eww after school on the bus some kid farts. It was disgusting. And people are always farting in math class. ICK.

I had art today. i'm making a paper sculpture and it's turning out good. It's really tall and it's looks modern-ish. ^^


I guess that's it! Have a great day everybody!!!!!

Luv ya! (^__________________^)

Questions of the day

1) tv or computer?

2) Sasuke plush or Deidara plush?


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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mew Mew Mangue,Day,and other stuff! ^^

Hi! Thank you for the comments yesterday! *hugs*
Mew Mew Mangue, I like it, but the title bores me. I mean, If the members and i ever did a manga, how are the oc supposed to say: "Defenders of the Earth, mew mew mangue!!" Sounds kinda cheesy,ne? I need help. (o.o) I've never made a Mew team so ... yeah.

I'm getting a scanner in a week or so! ^^
I'm so happy! Now I get to put up meh art! ^^
I'm excited~
So how is everybody today? I'm good! I'm staying absent from school because I was really really tired. But now I feel better! ^^

Today I would have had gym. I learned how to serve the ball the right way! xD Before I just kept hitting it and making the ball hit the net. (=.=) I watched a HILARIOUS video on Youtube called, "Itachi,Itachi,Itachi..." it's funn-eh! Sasuke keeps going, "ItachiItachiItachiItachiItachiNii-chanNii-chanNii-chanNii-chanNii-chan..." And so on, I died laughing!

I'm looking at the Today show. Nothing that interesting on.

The wind outside is really strong! I think NY is getting a cold front! The snow is melting because the Sun is out today. I think I might take a little walk later on, just to relax. ^^

That's it for today! Have a great day everybody! *hugs*

Luv ya!


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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hiya! Making a Mew Mew team,and more!

Thx for the comments yesterday! *hugs* Im SO sorry I didn't go to any sites because my computer keyboard got glitchy and froze. My mom messed with it this morning and got it fixed! ^^

Tpday at school....hmm.....it was fine! I had art class. I asked the teacher is I make a speech about art using big words if I would get extra credit or not and he said yes....but of course I'm not going to waste my time doing some speech to bump up a 96 to 100. I'm not even sure why I asked the question in the first place! XXXDDD

I made a Mew team on here it's Mew Mew Mangue! ;D

I made a Mew Strawberry cheesecake for the team, My oc...so....yeah. I don't have a scanner, but please tell me what name you like! :D I'm making it a la mangue. ^^ So if anybody wants to join,PM me!

That's it! Have a great day! *hugs*

.:~100 Guestbook signings~:.

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