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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mood~~inner moods: sad, tired, etc

Okok I'm alive!! xD

Thank you for the comments! *hugs* (lol,hugs today everybody! x3)

Today at school

I had french class for the second time, my teacher is hyper. She keeps on forgeting everybody's names!! XD But hey I would do the same thing.

Math was good,and easy. We had to do this thing where we order stuff from some real,and some made up restraunts. Ack I felt like a little kid (which I kinda am) There was this one restraunt (sp?) called "Road Kill Cafe" ... I think it was made up,it had like, "Flat Cat" and "Moose A La Mode" (=________=) Please, don't picture that image in your head, I already did and almost got sick. WAIIIT -UPDATE- LOOK,IT'S A REAL THING. *almost dies from sickness*

I don't feel really well....

Neh so that's school lifeeeeee.

I have to get kck volume 2. I love the art in it.

Oh yeah I'm also starting to love SC again *shugo chara*

But all of my friends at school only talk about anime stuff. It gets on my nerves after awhile. Sometimes I wanna talk about stuff like sales! XD But i can't change my dear friends,so oh well.

correction-A good amount of my friends at school only talk about anime.


Ok that's all! Luv you!! *hugs* Have a great day!

One more thing, I haven't really felt myself,less hyper and stuff...is it just a phase? I hope so!


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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mood~inner moods: lonely, sad

Hi! Not much to talk about!

I got this cool game called "lost in blue"

GIANTS RULE BBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so happy that I ate a extra hot chicken wing.....then I almost chocked.

I need to stick with mild.


Ok that's IT.

Have a good day

thank you for reading my strange and short blog for today ;w;

Love yall....well.....unless your some 40 year old creep pretending to be a girl,that just NOT RIGHT.

Ok I must admit I'm having a blast using this text-enlarging code.

THANK YOU SHISHOU-SAN!! xD Angel Zakuro thank you for giving me the link to Shishou-sans site~~very very nice of you!

Which btw the url to her site is http://www.freewebs.com/theshishou/HTML%20help%2C%20codes%2C%20and%20tips.html

It's an amazing site with codes for theotaku!

Oh yeah wasn't I suppossed to stop rambling?



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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mood~inner moods: hi

Thank you for the comments yesterday! -hugs- T-chan,yes the Giants are a football team! ^ ^ Sometimes I get confused too,wait,aren't they a baseball team too?!?! Seriously I forgot!!

Last night I take another look at my American Eagle top and realize that the girl didn't take off that security thing. It's like tan colored and it's long. So that's why my dad and I beeped when we left the store! xDDDD
My mom said today we might go back and have them take it off,hopefully they feel so sorry that they let me take another top.......*wahahahaha*

Anyway, My eye is hurting a lot. (>__>) I don't know why the left one is red and it hurts! I took eye drops and I hope that helps,but it's not really bad.

Neh,that's it for today! Have a great day everybody! -group hug-


ps- Do some of you remember that voice thing that I put on here a long time ago? Do you think I should put it back up?

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mood~~inner moods: nose picking

Thank you for the comments yesterday! *hugs*

Ok, comments back! <3

Lazyliz14~Favorite food would have to be sushi. One time I went to this place in Florida that had sushi and I accadently ate one with octopus wrapped around it.......it was chewy.....

ElvesAtMyRamen~I really like sprites! <333

Angel Zakuro~oh really good one...I would have a piece of chocolate obey my orders! *sparkles in eyes* Have it make clones of itself so I can eat 'em all........

sonicandtailsrox~Favorite anime would be Kamichama Karin! I love the animation it's so cute! x3

Neh there isn't much to talk about. I got a cute orange top from American Eagle,on SALE! (they barely ever have good sales...) Okok that's it! I think I might get a scanner soon!

I'm going to Walmart tomorrow...good prices on computer stuff.....*coughcoughscannerhinthintcoughcough*

Hope the Giants win! <3333333 Next stop, to go shout out "GIANTS RULE!!" outloud in another srore! :D -looks around-

Have a great day! ily! *group hug*


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Friday, February 1, 2008

Ok, thank you for the comments yesterday! *hugs* I should have pointed out that Alex was going to the REAL CONCERT! XD I need to work on details~~~

Questions! I have the answers back!

Yaya-chan and mewmewpudding:Who do you want to win the super bowl?

Answer~ Um, I think the Patriots! That who my dad wants to win! :3

Keyblademewkasa:If somebody offered you a mussin,and said it would set on fire,would you eat it anyway?

Answer-Oh MUFFINS!! *tense* I would have to say no...even though I LOVE muffins...*tear* lol

lazyliz14:If you could go anywhere or be anything,what would it be?

Answer-I would like to go to Hawaii and see the pretty waterfalls and tropical plants! And be anything? Well I would like to be a cat! :3 lolol

OMG no school!! We had a snow warning yet it's HAIL! xD There is little bits of ice on the ground~~~

I did Eric's (Demon From Hell12) site. He already got another gb signing! His name on here creeps meh out......ERIC CHANGE YOUR NAME!! xD Just kidding,although it is odd.....

Ok, taking questions again today! They can be about anything you want! ex~favorite color,neh stuff like that...

That's all for today! Oh and befor I go, I would like to tell Angel Zakuro that I also helped Eric out with using your post box and I gave you credit! :D

Have a great day everybody! *GROUP HUG* ily!

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hihi! Thank you for the comments yesterday! -hugs-

Yeah it's some girl from KH. I saw this person who made awesome avatars so I got one.

So how is everybody? I'm doing gooood! <333

School is going good. Nothing much really happening~~

I had art class. It was the last day. Now we start music ;__; Nooooooooooooo! I'm gonna miss art.

Yesterday my friend Alex (the one who visited that week) called me. I said, "Are you going to go see the HM movie? *hannah montana one*" and he's like, "Why would I go see the movie when I'm going TO TH REAL CONCERT TOMORROW??" I hang up! XD He's known for lying so I go and search for tickets in Florida. FIGURES they're still on sale. And to top it all off,he's going with two other of my friends. (T __ T) I'm sick of his bragging. Oh and just so you know the concert is in Miami today so if any of you want to go track him down and force him to come up here and face me when I'm mad (which he's scared of), you have my permission, 100%. Oh gosh you should hear him brag. Unlike him, I earn my money, I don't just go up to my mom and be like: "Mom can I have $10???" -stares- Which he does.....I'm gonna record him bragging and somehow put it on here...I don't know how, but I will find a way! XD

Annnnyyyywwwaaaayyyyy, *changing subject changing subject* Today I'm doing a thing called, "Comments back!" Today when u comment go ahead and ask a question for Mami,anything,and tomorrow I'll reply to your comment and answer the q. ^ ^

Tomorrow might be a snow day! *happy tears*
snowday! *glomps snow* ^^

That's all! ILYYYYYY! *hugs*

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Just letting you know I'm alive ;3



Like my avi?

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hi! Thank you for the comments yesterday! -hugs- Yes, Yaya,Tsunadeichigo10 and I look a lot alike. xD

Some of you might remember me talking about my great grandpa dying of Cancer,right? Well, last night my dad and mom got a call~~~he passed away. (;___;) I'm sad but,eh,we all have to move on with stuff like that. He was awesome and when I get a scanner I'll be sire to show you a pic. of him. Mami is OKAY! Don't worry about me, I'm still my hyper old self! ^ ^ although I will miss grandpa.

School was boring (as always) I had gym today. I thought it was friday for some reason! :P Social studies is a bore. We are learning about egypt and stuff, information I learned in Florida! See that's the bad part about moving to a new state, the things their teaching students are always different. Like in Florida I learned about Florida's history, World war 1,Egypt,and the Civil War. HERE I'm learning about WW1,and Egypt! xD

Does anybody use copic markers? I'm thinking about buying some but I wanted to know from a fellow artist how well they work. ehh, mabye I should just stick to pencils and oil/chalk pastels! ^ ^;

That's alllllll!! Thank you so much for reading my blog/post thing! I hope you have an amazing day! *hugs*


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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hi! Thank you for te comments! *hugs* I'm sorry I haven't posted! x3 I was really busy with school work, we had to do that state test and stuff! XD

So how is everybody? I'm doing gooood! ^ . ^ The "how to draw anime stuff" is going good. So far I've gotton to the part where I get into glasses and explain hands. XD Then my Otaku friends stare at me like I'm some kinda hyperactive freak!! XD *laughs*

Ah, nohing much really happening. I guess I'll just talk about little things that are going on! ^ ^ I'm really excited about the Otaku: Version Vibrant! :D I can't wait to see what's gonna be different!!

I still have mah mushroom obsession going on! *laughs* I think I'm going to change my bg (again) though, Yaya-sama and I enjoy changing them,isn't that right Yaya? lol!

Ok, I got the pics back from the store! Here it is, I think you can see mountains in the background~I live in the country part of New York!! Oh yeah!! XD

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

so that's all for today! Have an amazing day everybody! Luv ya!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mario Mushroom (Anime Form)

Hi! Thank you for the comments! *hugs*
I'm sorry I've haven't been on! ^ ^ I went to a birthday sleepover thing.

It was fuunn. I had so much sugar. And a really good cake made by Carvel (c). They have the best ice cream cakes! *blushes*
I got my friend a Target gift card.

Then on Saturday my fam and I went to this really bgig mall and went shopping! x3 There was another anime store but it wasn't as big-ish as the other one. AND, no Ed Elric plushie!! xD But I went to Pac Sun and got earrings and stuff. Then I went to Hot Topic,the plae I am most terrified of and got cute pink and green gloves. And I ran out as fast as my mom and I could run. xD

I also got a pin with Nick Jonas on it. XD

So today we might be going to the store again to get some pictures developed. So tomorrow I might put a pic of myself up.

Mami-chan had two words for you: MUSHROOM OBSESSION.

I love them!!! (even though I never eat them) xD I'm also obsessed with onigiri! aren't they cute??

So how are you today? Anything new?

I'm working on a manga called "How to draw anime stuff" When I get a scanner I'll put it up. It shows you how to draw different arms and hands and gives you tips,with me,Mami-chan,being wacky as always and talking about it! xxxDDD

That's all for today! Bye everyone! I hope you have a fantastic day! *hugs*

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