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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm sick.

I have a fever I think.

Good thing it's a snow day.

*booger* Ewwwww.
I ran out of tissues so I brought a roll of toilet paper with me to my room, to absorb all the nasty booger germs.
I named him Fred. Love Fred.Respect Fred.

Ok I'm sorry I'm being really random, I'm just really light headed. I think I need to get off the computer and slee--ACHOO!! ugh.....

Have a great day everybody.I would give hugs but I'm sick. (-____-;)



*slumps up to room*

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Friday, February 22, 2008

What Is Your Name?Mami-chan
Who Is Your Favorite Anime Guy?Yuki Sohoma
Who Is Your Favorite Anime Girl?Ichigo Momomiya
Who Is Your Favorite Author?Mia Ikumi
What Do You Like To Do In Your Meantime?Read magazines
Is Your Favorite Time Of Day Evening or Morning?Evening
What Is Your Favorite Book?(Can Be Anime)Speak
Do You Like Yourself?Yes! I don't have low self esteem.
Do You Like Someone? If So Who?Nick Jonas. xD
What Is Your Favorite Hobby?Taking care of animals
Do You Get Bored Easily?YES!
Do You Get Mad Easily?...sometimes, I can have a quick temper,but only with people I really don't like.
Are Your Moodswings Often?Nooo, I'm a pretty happy person! ^ ^
Are You So Bored That You Are Taking This Quiz?No, I found it on Yaya-chan's site.
Um....How Old Are You? It's on my Otaku profile. xD
Do You Have Siblings? If So, How Many?I have a little bro
How Many Friends Do You Have?I don't want to count!! Stop asking me so many questions!!!!!!! xD
Do You Like Shopping?YEAH!
What's Your Favorite Style?Beachy,bright colors. I like Aeropostale and American Eagle.
What Grade Are You In?6th
Do You Like Swimming?Yuppers!
Beach or Pool?Beach (I was born in FL!)
Soda or Water?Water
Walking or Riding?Walking
Coloring or Drawing?Cooking
Reading or Writing?Writing
Happy or Sad?Happy!
Elf or Bird?Elf!
Demon or Angel?Angel
Do You Like School?NO.


Im sry I haven't been on in awhile.

*Gaia online obsession* XD


I can't comment on your site. I know I haven't been on in awhile, it's because my computer is ancient history, and when I click on your site, it freezes up. D;
Once I get a new computer, I PROMISE I'll start commenting again. It's just that possibly your site takes up lots of space and my computer can't load all the text and pictures. :[

Sososososososso sorry, I really am.

Have a great day everybody! -hugs-


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Monday, February 18, 2008

zomg Hii!

Update~ everything is doing good! ;D

Ok that was fast.

Make accounts on Gaia online! It's really awesome and safe!

Contact me

Youtube username- Cheesecake1996

Gaia Online- cherri-tart


Luv you! *hugs*

Sry I haven't commented on many sites. :[


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Friday, February 15, 2008

WOW!! Really crazy thing (about Yaya-chan)

Thank you for the comments!

Ok, now for the action.
I got this DVD of an anime called "Wedding Peach" The main character is named....

That's what I nicknamed Kelly!!!!!!!! XD
I'll have to find a video of it. ohmygosh I freaked out, and I never even heard of the anime!!! XD

Anyway, nothing much, I thought the snow outside was frozen but it's still a little mushy. D:


*thinks* Is that all? Neh I guess so.


Have a great weekend! *hugs*


To see the dad say "momo-ko" go to 2:26-2:28 he says it somewhere around there. And of you watch the whole thing thr friends say it a lot, too.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008



I'm going to be on Gaia all day, I'm waiting for Adam to put up VV, untill then I won't be on as much,like Koii-oneechan! xD

Love you guys! *hugs*


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm here I'm here!

Snow day 0w0

xD ok thx bye


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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hi! Thank you for the comments yesterday! *hugs* SQUEE! I can't wait till Mr.Adam Dude launches VV!! -chills- It's gonna be good! <333 _______________ School _______________ Today school was good! I did really good in math for once! :DD Yay! Tomorrow we are having a social studies *history* test, it counts for a big part of my overall grade so wish me luck! x3 I'm really nervous. Oh yeah I forgot to say~~ On Friday I got my report card!! ^0^ Which I freak out about! I got good grades, my lowest was a low B in math!! XD I got a passing grade in math!! woot!! *dances around* lol I'm sorry it's just that I don't do that good in math so getting good grades is big for me. And adding the fact that New York schooling is really hard because NY is all obsessed about school and kids education. (0.0) Ok so besides that, now onto more less boring stuff. XD My cousins are moving BACK to florida again! First they lived here,then moved to FL for about 3 months, then came back here for a few months,and are now moving back there. *looks around* This morning it was below 5 outside. And the wind chill was below 0!!!! xD I was so cold, I had to wear a scarf,puffy jacket,gloves,hat,and a whole bunch of other snow gear. I looked so funny! Ok that's all for today I guess. I want to watch some vids on youtube. Oh and btw~ my username on there is Cheesecake1996 ^0^ Have a great day! Questions!!!! ______________ 1)Wish me luck on my test? 2)Love Mami-chan?? (As a friend people!!) 3)Pikachu plushie or Pichu plushie? ~Mami-chan note~ I'm sorry it's all squished together (the text) adam is messing around with the O. But still, answer the questions!! XD All 3 of em! XD

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hiya! Thank you for the comments!

Ok, something is going on with the Otaku.

I can't go onto anybody's profiles.

and my backroom is acting up.

I think adam is putting up VV.


Ok that's all.

It snowing! ^0^ But only lightly though.

ok thx bye.


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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hi! Thank you for the comments yesterday! *hugs*
I love you guys! <333

Eep it's snowing!! ;DDDD
I think I'm going to go throw snowball at myself....yeahhhhh!

Aww so many people like my theme!
Ok I don't think I'm going to change it. xD
But I'm changing the color of the post box to lavender,it's so pretty. :3 I think light purple would work good Soni-chan! *sonicandtailsrox*

Sooooo,this morning was like any other, I got up, got ready,and ate waffles. :3
Me and my fam went out to go shopping and get some stuff,while the snow was light. But now it's getting deeper amd deeper! XD My dad thinks I'm not going to have lots of school next week! WOOT!

Ok I'm going on Gaia. My name on there is Cherri-tart. Koii and Miss Mustang go on there! :D

Have a great day! Angel Zakuro,are you getting any snow?


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Friday, February 8, 2008

Thank you for the comments yesterday!



I want some other kind of theme,pink is getting old. xD

What do you think? I want that really small font,like on Kenji-ko's site!! xD

I'm trying to kind ot. A lot of people on Gaia have it, it looks adorable!

Ok that's all.

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