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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sorry for not being on.
I'm too busy to come here it seems.

But look shmexxi Asian dance time!


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

RePosting this because everybody who commented doesnt seem to respect my feelings.

Mood: Dry
Listening to: 99 LuftBalloons-Nena
Watching: Homestar Runner
I wantz: CABBAGE FTW!!!1111223211!!$^@#!

Im back from being grounded and dont worry guys I actually hit Tracy for what she was putting me though. Nobody found out though. Thank Neptune. *SpongeBob reference* Yeah...I have anger magement issues. But I make them seem sexy, nyeh? :D

.....speaking of beautiful Asian men my ex-boyfriend is apparently not going for his girly look anymore. I cried a little when I found out about that. Odd because I didnt even cry when he dumped broke up w/ me. Though when I ehard his new boyfriend's name...it made me laugh because I think it was something along the lines of "Kelly". He's not being so girly and he's dating a woman.
What has he come to?!
Scratch that.
What has the world come to?!

Oh and we dared Cassie to kiss Dustin randomly when we were watching play Max Payne. He just shouted "UHHH!" when she did that and accidentally pulled the controller out of the Xbox. Im pretty sure he lost the game too.

I swear, when/if she kisses a guy he's never gay for real, even if he wont admit to it. Id say I was bi for her but Im gay for her Asuian Manself definitely. She likes to claim she's a 38 year old Chinese immigant named "Xiao Ting Ping" and her boyfriend is a German immigrant named "Rachel" and apparently they have 7 beautiful children. More like 6 now because she ate one of them but more or less! XD

And recently Ive been egged on to talk to this sexy Korean guy named Bon-Hwa. Yeah. Im not into online relationships at all but maybe its worth a shot....though I still wuv my Ty-Ty. So even if I did give it a try it wouldnt be very true to my heart so Im just gonna stay single.

But Ill still hook-up if ya really want me! ;D jk.



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Monday, August 25, 2008

You came along, Just like a Song...

Mood: Perplexed.
Listening to: Nada
Watching: SpongeBob SquarePants
I wantz: to sya sorry for being gone so long. I honestly didnt mean to....

That Addison bitch sure took a long time to post again now didnt he?
I hope I didnt worry anybody. Especially Ty-Ty. We dont have time for each other anymore so i wonder if I should just let go....

During the period I was away Ive been teaching these sewing/crafts classes w/ these old ladies. Let me you, it's a full-time gig those women are so forgetful! But theyre always so interested in what youre saying! Its hilarious. I may not like old men but old women amuse me to no end. One of the women in the class's husband called me a "crazy, alternative hippy".

Ive also needed a break form this dead old place. First off, nobody talks to me, and none of this: "Message me" crap. i honestly dont have time to contact you first.
Second my ex-boyfriend has been a bit of a butthead since he broke-up w/ me. All he either does now is ignore me or is kind of a jerk to me.
And he's always the one saying to me "Are you going to start treating me like crap now?"
I'm mostly just being a bitch because working w/ pipe-cleaners and old people and working a double-shift because my fellow (LAZY) worker Trixie is not doing her part....and I need the dough, man. All I am is tired from work otherwise Im acting pretty much the exact same. But i guess thats wrong too I suppose.

Look, Karasu:
1. I dont care how yoou do your site because it is YOUR choice.
2. I dont care how you dye your hair I know youll jsut keep changing your mind and fussing over it anyways. I know you, dude. Do you honestly think I should just keep on giving me an opinion knowing youll change it within a month or something. I suggest asking your hairdresser they'll definitely say yes considering how rich you've made them.
3. Am I really such a bad person? Or are you just too old for me? EH? I'm tired of always being the one who has the problem. Because I am not. I didnt even cry when you left me for goodness sake.

P.S. To fanboys and fangirls...more pictures of me! Most taken by Dustin and Cassie. I almost look like I have boobs in the first picture. lol.



Suck me.

Okay maybe not. *shrugs* No hard feelings right. This is me on a bad day but Im still hott and im shurgging.



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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm in pain but aching for more...

Mood: Bored.
Listening to:
Love Songs, they Kill Me-Cinema Bizarre
Watching: Cinema Bizarre videos
I wantz: ......

Listen to Cinema Bizarre, please and thank you.

This is them. and Yes theyre all men.

Also, after long quiting my old "job" Ive got a new one. I work at a craft store. Hehe. Not to sounds geeky or anything but its REALLY fun and stuff. Im only a clerk but I get pens and thread and things. Yes i do get excited about that stuff. Im just that gay I suppose. :P
*squeeeee* I love it!

.....what do I love more boys or crafts? I cant decide!!! X__X
Kidding! Its boys. But craft projects follow closely after!
^__^ *gets bricked*

Oh and....

My baby sister just learned how to swim!

Im so proud!


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Monday, August 4, 2008

I get toast! :D

Mood: Cheery and sweaty! XD
Listening to: Nada.
Watching: Mario Hyadain and X-Files. Imma multi-taska. :O Like omg....*prounounced the way its spelled*
I wamtz: To.....do a little dance! Dee-dee-dee! X3

Well just the other day I saw.....HellBoy 2

It was so hilarious. I loved Barry Manilow before but...now he's my idol. XD
I know what song Im getting drunk to the next time I go over to Dustin's! Just kidding. Drinking is gross and stupid. Making fun of the drunk kids is what I do.
Here's the song. Aint it so cute and cheesy? Whoever doesnt know this song lives under a romantic rock(no offense to those that havent). It's just the ultimate cheese....and I like cheese.
Cant smile without you - Barry Manilow

Hehe. I love you, Ty-Ty.

For the HellBoy fans:
Drunken Abe FTW!!11!2!

And because this video is just so cute....


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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I would join this century but only on a rare occasion.

Mood: Hysterical
Listening to: Do I really gotta say it? XD
Watching: Clips from my favorite movies
I wantz: *still wont stop laughing*

Listen for the music. This is hilarious. I dont care how many times Ive sene this movie it never gets old! XD


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Monday, July 28, 2008

I am the first of me

Mood: Random.
Listening to:
The First of Me-Hoobastank
Watching: Kappa Mikey. Go ahead, laugh. I love this show. :P
I wantz: A backscratcher, a tooth brush, and some lip balm.

I AM BORED!!!!!!!!!!
So I decided to feed my mom's fishing bait in the fridge(a bunch of minoes) some soda. Now they're swarming and school and shit all over of the place.

Im proud of what I did. XD

Oh and I love this song.


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Saturday, July 26, 2008

   Hey boy! Hey boy!

Mood: Sad but a bit better than before thankfully.
Listening to:
Fururin-Black Cat
Watching: Invader Zim and Foamy.
I wantz: Nothing this time....I could be content....at peace finally....

Well Karasu dumped me. I dont really blame him. And no offense to him or anything but i can honestly say thats helped w/ my mood. He and his sister will probably hate me but I almost dont care. Im happy w/ this weight off of my shoulders. And I think i realized that I didnt love Karasu the way I thought.....there was "someone else" I guess so to speak.
It was a bit sad at first but Im sure we'll adjust. I decided I wont run away and take a break from here. I only need a break from my ex-boyfriend really and being biutchy and emotional is a stupid reason to leave what you care about behind.

Special thanks to those who have been listening.
If you were all men, Id screw you all!(Believe me thats a compliment! XD)
Im depressed that Ty-Ty is leaving but I think I can be strong though. I think considering the fact that everyone else(pretty much) is happy so I am too.

Take a good guess who that "someone else" is. I dare you.

Furu, furu, fururin....


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Friday, July 25, 2008

So, relax, close your eyes, what come next is the surprise

Mood: Bored, tired, sad, but not surprised.
Listening to:
Lying is the most fun a girl can have w/out taking her clothes off-Panic! At the Disco
Reise Reise-Rammstein
The Animal I have become-Three Days Grace
Watching: Nothing
I wantz: A little recognition for my superstition would be just fine.

Well other than getting a LOT of crafts done and being FINALLY relieved of most of the artwork I've bene meaning to do this summer quite a few things in my life havent been going so well. I'm going back to my break again. My friend Ty-Ty is doing it and there's really no other choice for me other than more misery.
I'm just....not having any fun....

Well, David is back early from his vacation too....but he doesnt want to come back on here....
I don't blame him. :/

I even still kind of wonder if my relationship is still worth it.....Looking back I was a bit happier single I think. But despite that, I know I cant leave my boyfriend....I have a feeling something horrible would happen if I move on despite how much of a break I need from everything. considering how suicidal my boyfriend was because ofo this one ex-boyfriend he had who treated him like crap....

If a pretty face can get away murder then why is moving on such a crime? Am I really just that shitty of a boyfriend? or am I really just that depressed? Or am I just pushing myself too much?

Please tell me Im wrong.


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All I need is the indulgence

Mood: A bit sad but better than I was last time.
Listening to:
Into a Frenzy-The Dreamside
Watching: Nothing.
I wantz: A tissue. I sneezed.

Well after taking a break for a fe wdays I feel just a little bit better. I've had lots of time to myself to work on my projects and crafts that people have requested. I already finished that giant Salad Fingers plushy.
It makes my baby sister giggle. She calls him "The Pickle King" because he's all big and green. It amuses me so.

I'm doing better....so yeah.....
I even got Dustin to smile a bit the last few times I came over to his house tghis week.
I broke down once but that was because I was so happy i could see him smile.

Well right now a person here is kind of sore because I deleted them. I jsut couldnt keep up all the posting they did and I hardly knew them so I'm just like "Sorry...>__>; *trying hold back tears while expecting to be beaten down*"

I'm almost if not already done with my break I think. If Im not done yet then Ill probably be spending time on hair. I didnt use enough hairspray yesterday. *Epic Phail* X___X

And yes, Funny Waffle, you may a draw a picture of me if you really want to.

My latest fanartwork. Yes I am an artist for those of you who are inattentive enough to question it.


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