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Thursday, May 6, 2004

Sry i haven;t been on lately.. Ive been sooo lazy. Nuthin special. I'm feeling better than last week tho ^_^

Just wanted ta say hi again.. And i just feel like putting up a new poem to sho ya'll^^


For those that are different
We laugh at first glance
Going on with our lives
Barely giving them a chance

For those that are different
We pay them no mind
Unsure of who they really are
we're seeing like tha blind

For thos that are different
I'm sorry if we're mean
We didn't mean to hurt you
To break your self-esteem

For those who are different
For those who are uncared
For those who aren't wise enough
I'm sorry life's unfair

For those that are different
We've had that different call
So since we've all been there before
We're not much different at all

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