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Monday, April 26, 2004

Again i wuz busy last week.. (including being angry >_<)

Well, on Monday during my gym time tha gym caught on fire from tha washing machine (hah.. it all started with a box of bleach jk) So in muh butt uglee uniform that i hadda wear tha whole damn day, >_< i hadda wait out side for 4 hrs (as well as all tha other students) in a firedrill and i got a really bad tan. >_< So atleast a news helicopter came and tha students were waving and like 'Atleast were on tv'.. Yah... Well wen i went home it didn't even sho. It got over-newsed with a fukin bomb threat.

That wuz a bad Monday but tha weekin general was crappy. Tha school has no windows so it wuz blazing hot, stick and stinky (sweaty people.. hah) Tha a.c. can't be turned on till may (for financial reason) And it wuz soo shitty. Plus a teacher gave us a 4th project even tho we already had 3 big wuns. And 1 proj that wuz a 6 chapter long book on geography wuz given on April Fools but it wuzn't even a joke.. and it wuzn't funny (>_<)

And on friday everyone wuz acting like a buncha drunk jackasses. They wuz all annoying and mean. Even my friends were bothering me (even tho they wuz playin; they play too much) They were sayin I love this dumbass guy who was rite there wen they wus joking so i told em i go out with someone else but they bothered me more >_<

Well that wuz muh shitty week in general.. Plus i hadda type this twice cuz my crappy comp But there's something that i say to weeks and days like that:
"Shit happens so just blow it off"

I hope i didn't make anyone feel bad and that i didn't have too many >_<'s.. So i'll end this with a smile.. ^_^..

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