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Friday, April 16, 2004

Sry I haven't been on lately.. Just soo busy... Spring Break ended last Monday so since its Friday its tha end of this week so yay. I gotta 4.0 on muh report card so hooray more! *sighs in relief* ^_^ Its just that i have so many dumbbutt projects and i kno imma procrasinate. O well.

Well over Spring Break i did alotta shopping bought FFTactics Advance and traveled 4 miles on a bike through some trail. I'm sooo glad Lent's over cuz i gave up videogames (sooo hard it wuz). I also won some easter egg drawing contest for tha state wide Catholic Standard ^_^ *earned a $50 gift cert. to borders* =)

O yah.. and i submitted a Vivi pic that a drew quickly.. Be sure ta check it out and vote^^

So here's a quiz..
Horo-Horo is the boy for you!
He may come from the snowy mountains, but he has a
warm heart. True love often starts from a good
friendship, and he knows how to make you laugh
and have a good time. He's also very concerned
with ecologic problems, let's take care of
Nature together.

What Shaman King boy is your perfect match? (for girls)
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