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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 11/28/05:
yup yup

Your mysterious..... Like you have a secret but,
everyone has secrets that they don't want
anyone to know. So don't be ashamed if you
think you weird but, your not. It's cool being
mysterious like you might have cool

What Type Of Girl Are You???(Amazing Pics)
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Result Posted on 11/28/05:
yup!^^ haha, im wearing orange right now, lol

You should wear : Orange Warm and generous. You are a very social person and you like to
present you in everyway. Orange is a bit
special to wear not everyone can wear it, but
you are the goddess in orange, go you!

What color should you wear?
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Result Posted on 11/26/05:
take it, its fun

The Survey Where You Say The First Word That Comes To Mind. Yay.
What comes to mind when you hear..
..summer love?:more like summer fling
..Jon?:crazy kid
..Juan?:the crazy spanuard
..New Found Glory?:that one song i forget what it's called but it has an awesome music video
..orange juice?:yummy
..candid camera?:fun to do urself
..brother?:Drea and Mateo
..President?:an idiot
..football?:GO PANTHERS!
..sex?:no yet
..the end?:ok
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Result Posted on 11/26/05:
hell yea! thats so true!

Your appeal ist most like that of a Tomboy!
Tomboy!You loved to play 'Boy-Games' in your
childhood and you thought that Barbie is an
arrogant bitch. Today you get a lot of respect
from boys. You understand the most men better
then his freinds. Fact: You're a challenge for
every boy!

What's your female appeal? ( with pics! )
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Result Posted on 11/26/05:
any single guys in the area, any any? lol

Sexy Beauty!
Sexy Beauty! I don't know why but every move you do
looks so sexy. You like that but you don't pay
a lot attention on looking sexy, you just are
it, enough said.

What kind of beauty are you? .._..contains Anime pictures.._..
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Result Posted on 11/26/05:
yup, that'd be me

You are James Potter,father of the boy who lived.
You are kind and would do anything for your
friends and most likely your friends would do
anything for you

Which of the marauders are you?
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Result Posted on 11/26/05:
i can see that

You're a Intense Kisser
You have an intense kiss! You and your partner
connect when you kiss and you forget about the
rest of the world. Hey, call me!!! ^_~

What anime kiss are you?
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Result Posted on 09/12/05:

~*~Result nr 9~*~

Your power is: Being a controller of an

Explanation: Wether it is earth, fire,
air or water or even all of them, you can
control that element. That means you can
manipulate their pysichal form and with just
thoughts and make an inferno for example. In
good purposes it can be used to protect but in
evil purposes it is used to hurt.
As a person you are slightly 'odd'. People see
you as different and probably has prejudices
against you. They see you as 'weird' or the
'freak', and either that hurts really much or
you chose to ignore it. You keep your hatred
for people inside and probably daydream about
killing them, which gives you satisfaction.
Truth is you are not evil, only missunderstood
and mistreated.
Negative aspects: Since you have deep
problems inside you could get into some sort of
mental illness or simply get depressed (if you
aren't already).

What Power is Compatible With You? [beautiful anime pictures + 12 detailed results]
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Result Posted on 09/12/05:
lol! damn right

Maniac killer
You are a maniac killer.
It doesn't matter who they are and what they
have or haven't done. You still want to kill
them. And for a simple reason only; it's fun.
Seeing people in pain is like ecstasy. Maybe
you have some sort of mental problems or you
are this way because of previous deep scars,
only you know. But now you are sadistic and
maybe you only like to see a special group of
people be in pain (e.g. preps). However you are
not the most social person in the bunch and
people think you are weird. That bothers you
somewhat but atleast you can entertain yourself
with daydreaming about killing them. After all,
they have no idea what's coming.

Main weapon: Explosives and torture
Quote: "Insanity: a perfect
rational adjustment to an insane world" -
R.D. Lang
Facial expression: Wicked smile

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
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Result Posted on 08/02/05:
very informative, cant belive i did this

About Yourself
By: Keyotoyume
Birthday:November 23, 1990
Single or Taken:single and lookin
Eye Color:gray
Hair Color:brown
Lefty or Righty?ambidextrious(i can use either)
You Like:sports, running, outdoors, music, anime, manga, sci fi, reading, and food
You Hate:preps, liers, my sister(lol) home work and strict ppl u dont know how to live life
Your Fear:needles and hieghts
Your personal quote is:"Why are there post-it notes in your yard, or wait it's a sponge, why is there a sponge in your yard?" or "Hey Emma, is there a purple toilet in your yard, if so I had nothing to do with it." or "Emma, your neighbors have no sense in humor, they called the cops on me last night to prove it!"
Eat-In or Take-Out:take out
Ever choke on food:yea, bout once a day, lol
Coke or Pepsi:neither i hate both, and i cant have soda with caffine in it
Salad or Soup:salad
Fav. Dessert:anything chocolate
Fav. Food:anything chocolate or italian
Least Fav. Food:uh, i eat just bout anything
Fav. Drink:chocolate milk and root beer
Fav. Animal:i have yet to meet an animal i dont like
Fav. Music Artist:uh, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Story of the Year, anything rock basicly
Fav. Writer:Stephen King and Tolkien
Ever been in Love:how do u know what love is? dont u always feel differently bout each person u care for?
So much it hurt:...look at what i said before this


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