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Sunday, December 10, 2006

+ Disapearing Act is Over +

Mood: Bored
Time: 12:17 pm
Listening to: Damn Regret by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Ok, so I've relized that I keep promising to stay on here and how I'll stay active and then I go missing for a month, lol, well my new vowe is to post here once a week or at least once every other week. This should become easier with winter break on the way. Now for little notes on what have happened with me since I've been gone.

+ Cross Country is over.
+ I lost a bet with the cross country boys capt. and now have to dye my hair blonde.
+ I've joined the school's T.A.T.U. group (Teens Against Tabacoo Use).
+ My 16th B-Day was Nov. 23, yes that was Thanksgiving.
+ I have 2 new pet rats from my B-Day.
+ I also had a lobster.
+ For my B-Day party had a band play (Aternicy, check them out on myspace please) and the cops came about 5 times telling us to turn down the volume, lol.
+ I need a job.
+ I have my license now.
+ I'm going to start running on Monday to get in shape for soccer which starts in March, lol.

Again, sorry I haven't been here. My to-do list for today is home work, visit people here, change profile, and play video games. I'm also going to be cutting down my friends list, since I'm prone to disapearing. Well, that's all for now. Be safe, later days!

+P.S.+ I've just finished the new theme, it's now Naruto, If I Am. I'm going to miss the Sing Your Heart Out one though, I really liked it.

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