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Saturday, October 7, 2006

+ Haven't Been Here In A While +

Time: 10:14 am
Mood: Good
Listening to: Lips Like Morphine by Kill Hannah

Sorry I haven't been here in ages, been pretty busy. I'll try to post here on a weekly or every other week basis. I've been trying to post here for a couple weeks but haven't been able to find the time. Here a couple things that have happened since I've been here:

-Caught a mouse at cross country practice, took it home and named it Queso(cheese in spanish). The day before I was to set it free again, it got loose in my room. It ended up getting loose twice *sigh* We caught it and set it free though.

-Erik and I broke up. He still a really sweet guy, but it just wasn't working. I was his first GF who lived out of town from him and he wasn't used to making sure to call back or just to call when I hadn't called him for a couple of days.

-I took out a cymbal player at band. He was tying his shoe when we were practicing and the bass drum line backs up right in line of where he was and my being first in the line ends up falling on him bass drum and all, lol. It really hurt too! Luckily the cymbal player isn't bad looking, lol.

-I have one more meet for the cross country season, after that I told coach I'm going to be a manger for him so I go with those who make it to the state meet, lol.

-Our home coming is on the 21st! I'm going with my ex, Erik's old room mate Derek, lol, they were like best friends too. Well Derek is awesome and kicks major butt so it's going to be a good time.

- The new Evanescence CD came out the other day in case you didn't know, it's called Through The Open Door. On the same day the new X-Men movie came out, X-3. Kicks butt, both of'em.

- The new season of BSG(Battle star Galactica) started last night! Kicked butt 2 hour long episode, lol

Well today I have my last band competion of the year. Our show is called Dreams, or teach put a couple of songs together to make it look like some one's dream. We have a bed on the field too and Laura(class mate) is shown being tucked into it and then running around in her dream, it's pretty cool. The songs we play are Return of the Animals(It's really slow, don't let the animals part make you think it fast) this where Laura is tucked into bed, City of Angels Theme Laura wakes up in her dream and is in a 'chase', Halo Theme!/Way of the Sword Theme the nightmare/horror part of the dream, it makes it look like some one close to Laura gets sent to war(this isn't suposed to offend anyone in anyway, our teach said that he didn't want like goblin scary to cheesey and that sending some one to war would make the crowd relate and it would be pretty scary to have some one you cared for being sent off) and they don't come back for whatever reason(flags get to use riffles finally), then we play Ice Dance which is suposed to be loss or remorse, and then for a complete change of the mood cause let's face it dreams never make sense Agustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Lol, I love this song the bass drums and quints get to run around the field looking stupid and we(the bass drums, yes I'm a girl and carry that huge bass drum) started to do this salsa dance and then the band stole it! How dare they! Well, now our whole band is doing the salsa at the begining of the song. At the end the bass drums do another little dance thing, it's pretty fun cause we're right next to the Tubas(Basses and Tubas are the sections that are best friends pretty much) and they're dancing too. This song is just complete and uter chaos, lol. I'm such a band geek. Now that I've made this post uber long, I'm going to go and get my things packed for the band trip. When I get home I'll come visit you all. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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