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Saturday, October 13, 2007

  Hello all.Thanks you continaully visiting! Many thanks especially to Crystal Flute and Cagali Yamato.You two have been commenting by posts since I started a myO account.You both are awesome. Lots of gratitude towards YamisPharaohess,yamilover03,and inkenyo2.0

I'll be missing out on anime tomorrow.I have to leave early and then get home late because it's homecoming.
I don't have school Monday.Have good weekend
The answer to last post's question was Kaede.No correct ones :(
Hmmmm,When does Inuyasha shift from half-demon to human form? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My clubs:Without Wings,Hiei & Kurama,Shigure,Kurama,Bishounen,Otaku Angels,Color Red Club,Neko Miko Club,Inuyasha Fight Club,Goddess,Earth Club,Fruits Basket,Poet,Friend's Club,Protect and Save the Cute,Kenshin,Sanosoke,Evil Side,Writing,YGO,Pokemon,Misunderstood Clubs By Me:Mabudachi Trio luvrs,Fruits Basket Fan Club,Seto fan club

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