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Friday, October 12, 2007

Hello all.My parents are all right now. Hmm,In my Ac. Algebra I class,my teacher gave me a 0 in one of my assignments, which is wrong, since I know i haven't missed anything yet. My other friends in that class who turned it in class along with me have a 0 as well,which pretty much means my teacher lost it. :( She said she'll look into it.It's almost Friday! Well, it should be by now if you're reading this later. Happy Friday.Woohhh hoooo!! I'm in a pretty light mood,considering how I was raging yesterday when I saw the zero. Ah well.Homecoming is this Saturday.
Have a good friday! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My clubs:Without Wings,Hiei & Kurama,Shigure,Kurama,Bishounen,Otaku Angels,Color Red Club,Neko Miko Club,Inuyasha Fight Club,Goddess,Earth Club,Fruits Basket,Poet,Friend's Club,Protect and Save the Cute,Kenshin,Sanosoke,Evil Side,Writing,YGO,Pokemon,Misunderstood Clubs By Me:Mabudachi Trio luvrs,Fruits Basket Fan Club,Seto fan club

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