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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Well,this week has been a bore...school is so boring!Plus,I didn't do my homework this weekend...I guess I'll do it before I go to bed tonight.Oh guess what!I'm so happy about this!They have Reboot on Teletoon Retro so I can start watching it on the weekends!^-^I'm like,so incredibly happy because I haven't seen Reboot in so long!I'm so happy happy happy!

Well,Back to school tomorrow.I talked to my principle on Friday afternoon and she's gonna talk to me on Monday about starting an anime club at school and starting a anti-bullying thing too~!It was all my idea.But I need to figure out a teacher who will suppervise this anime club before anything.Then I need to work on membership and everything...starting a club is alot of work...

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