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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello there!How is everybody?Good I hope.

Okay,now on with the post:

Okay,today totally sucked.I stayed up until sunrise,but I passed out around 6:30 if not sooner.So I only got 6 hour sleep.So I'm in a crappy mood,of course,when am I not.I didn't go to bed until like 2:30am.I couldn't help it,I was tired,and I was bored.I had something else on my mind.It was my dream yesterday night.It was like I was being bullied and when the bully and a few girls pushed me against the wall(I don't wanna use names)...I lost it.I beat each of the bullies up.It's wierd...why can't I be like that in real life?Am I afraid of what would happen?Or was it just telling me that I can be brave if I wanted?I'm just usually so passive...and I let people take advantage of me,especially since I bring myself to say no...Because I'm so quiet...they think it's okay...but it's not...I know I should stick up for myself...and I will,just as soon as I get my yellow belt in Kung Fu.Of course,I'll only use it in cases of defense.With all the crime and stuff around,knowing Kung Fu would help alot,wouldn't it?

Anyway,let's not work with that subject anymore.Oh yeah!I found this Canadian Online Store for anime!And now I need to earn $30 plus shipping charges to get this figurine I want...but of course,let's not say what character it is.I would have asked Annie-chan to pick up my figurine in the US if only she was going to the state the store was in...what the heck am I gonna do for money?Oh,we're moving soon.Hopefully after the long weekend.Do you guys get a long weekend?If so,what're you guys gonna do?I'm going to Niagra Falls...oh,did I spell that right?I dont think I did.I was so bored earlier so I ended up making wallpapers until now...probably made about 20?But like I said.It's friggin' boring around here.I think I'll go make more wallpapers now.

Ja ne!!!


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