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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Okay...I'm gonna get all complainy for a moment...Okay,you wanna know what really sucks?!When your favourite show comes up on the TV guide and it really isn't on!That's what happened to me last night!Screww YTV!Also,when your favourite movie comes on the TV and you can't watch it because you don't get the channel!Or if the TV in the family room has it you can''t watch it because some other person is watchin TV or using it to play a game.Anyway,a movie I rarely get to watch is on and I can't watch it!Well,I guess I could always watch it at Halloween...but that's like 3 months away and there's no way I can wait that long~!!!I mean,I can't wait that long for Beetlejiuce but not Rocky Horror Picture Show...wahhh!!

Okay,my moment of complaining is over...so by that you can tell I've had a crappy day.But I can look forward to the 3-D concert at 8pm...I've already got my glasses a month in advance....I've been looking forward to this all month...And it ends before all my anime starts!^-^Whoohoo!

Anyway,I think I'm done for today...sorry for such a short post but I'm not in the mood today...

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