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Salem was once a regular on this site (and maybe in the future) for now i am only useing this place to put up mangas that i am working on, maybe wallpapers and E-cards later on! so if ya wanna make me happy go check them out and tell me what you think! What i need to improve on, which one you would like to see done more of Ect. ect. Pwease!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ignore this
Can't save it to my comp yet XD
I'll just stick it here for safe keeping (Figured i should find out what my doll's name could mean, and i like this)

静 [shizu] (quiet)
紀 [ki] (chronicle
南 [minami] (south)

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*gasp* Looky what i found!!! I was gonna put a chat-er up, but it took to long to come up on my page so... this looks fun enough!