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Monday, October 27, 2008

oh the drama of highschool...

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MySpace Layouts Hello, sorry I haven't been on in such a while, my internet is rebelling at the moment.

Well, today, was, in short... crappy, at BEST!!

So I come in, and my friend Spikey goes, "Is it ok if I break up with someone and then ask someone out?" I didn't really think anything of it and I was like, "I guess it's OK" sure enough, it turns out he broke up with his girlfriend ALMOST 4 DAYS BEFORE HIS ORIGINAL GIRLFRIEND'S ANNIVERSARY!!!!!
I feel so bad for his girlfriend....

BUt, his new girlfriend...I DO NOT LIKE HER!!!!! She's a total ditz, and not fun at all....*cries*

It doesn't help that my other friend and I has sorta nursed a crush on him since the begining of the year.....

WEll, my friend and I decided that we're just gunna hang out with him when his's GF NOT AROUND!!! easier said than done..... >_<

WEll, thanks for listening to my rant....

I'm gonna go work on my new comic, I"m taking a break from WTF, I"m working on anther one called, "Black Rainbow" It's gonna be a shoujo one-shot.

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Monday, October 13, 2008


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MySpace Layouts hello there!

DaFeather, now I know why you always respond to your comments in your posts! I keep wanting to respond to people's comments on here but i can't XD

WEll, school has been going pretty good...'sept that I got braces....somebody please kill me. My friend says that braces make girls look cuter, but they sure as heck don't do anything for me!!!! T_T

At school today, a friend of mine, Spikey, was talking to my friend and I. My friend was saying how she really liked this one guy, then Spikey just got up and asked the guy to come into the Library to sort of, "hang out" with us! I didn't think the guy was going to come but he did!

I have an essay due at the end of the week...T_T, and I have to study really hard for this one Science test because I sorta bombed my last couple of tests....TT^TT I hate school...

WEll, I think I'll be on for the next half hour or so, I'm at the University, my mom has a class and I'm sitting on my but...which has now fallen asleep...I'm super uncomfortable but there's no chairs!!! T_T

WEll, see ya!

(BTW, I made a deviantart account. If anyone wants my name it's, "Mad-Hatter-Belia" check me out!!! ^_^)


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Monday, October 6, 2008


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MySpace Layouts Well, sorry I haven't been on in a while, my internet is down and I don't know how long this little burst of internet will last.

But thanks to all who commented on my last post. I saw the girl who they were picking on in the hallway, she was holding hands with this HUGE sports jock!!! I don't think she has to worry about anything.

And thanks for the concern on my behalf. But I think I'll be OK, I hang out with two Sophmores, and a really scary Junior (to me he's not scary but to others he's terrifying!) If anything goes bad, I'll just hang out with him for a long time.

But I think it's been just about forgotten, which kinda urks me....they shouldn't have been joking about that stuff...I was all prepared to get in trouble protecting this girl too....

But I think a disaster is starting to form in my love life!
So this guy I like, E., is getting angry at me because I hang out with my other friend, Spikey, a little more than him...sometimes. So I think that E is getting angry at me for that..I think he's jealous...and, to top it off, my other friend, who sits with him in a class, told me that E thinks I don't like him!!! TT^TT

Any advice on this????

Well, that's all for now...

See ya laters! (I have homework....T_T)

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello all....

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MySpace Layouts Sorry I haven't been on in such a while!!! My internet was down, and this is the first time I have had the chance to really have time to sit down to post and such!

I just came back from fencing, I learned a lot this class, like how to correctly hold the, "foil" (that's the sword) and how to lunge and parry! I had so much fun, except now my hand/arm is about to fall off!! XP

Well, today was ok, but this afternoon, I just about lost it!

So, the way my school works, for freshmen, is that they are all put into a couple groups for their required classes (Science, biology, heath) They call this the, "Freshman Team"

So, this sounds pretty good right? You get to be with your friends all year round, and you don't have to worry about changing schedules for the afternoon.

The only PROBLEM is, if you don't like some kids, or, more importantly, if some kids don't like you, you can't get away from them!

So today, in biology, we had a sub. She's pretty nice, but she can't control our class. I'm not happy to say this, but I think that we have the worst class in the school.

So today, a small argument broke out between these two girls. One girl (who was white) told this loudmouthed and quite boisterous girl (who just happened to be African American) to, "shut her mouth" Well, the black girl, whose name was Jasmin, looked at the girl who told her to be quite (whose name was Shantelle) and said, "what did you just tell me?"

Now Shantelle, is a very tough girl, she didn't say it be mean, she had told Jasmin many times before that she needed to stop talking, they were quite nice, but Shantelle had had it because Jasmin wouldn't stop talking.

So when Jasmin gave her a shocked tone, like she was amazed that someone would tell her that, Shantelle just looked her straight in the eye and said, "Yes, I did tell you to shut your mouth" At this point, Jasmin stood up. The teacher tried to calm her down, but, Jasmin's friend, this fat, bratty girl, whose very steriotypical, just said, "Oh don't worry Jasmin, she's just [making up things bad about you - I don't really remember what she said] AS USUAL!" She spat the last words at Shantelle. It was soo mean!!! I was furious that she said that! I turned to her and told her to shut up, she had no right to say that.

Shantelle, however, handled it very well, she just got up, and asked the sub if she could go to the counciling office. "I've had enough, I don't want to hear this" is what she said.

I thought that it would end there, but instead, Jasmin became infuriated that Shantelle just walked out. She ran after her, saying things like, "You wanna fight!! Come here and say it to my face!!!!!" Shantelle, however just left. Which was the mature and correct thing to do in my opinion.

Even though the teacher told her to leave, Jasmin, and all of her friends walked up to the door, to try to go after Jasmin! I was appalled that they all wanted to hurt her.

But here is what ruined my whole afternoon. So, Jasmin and her entourage, had to go back to her seat, but they kept muttering stuff, like how they wanted to beat her up, and hurt her. I told them to shut up many times. Then these two preps behind me, Ashley and TIffaney, wouldn't stop giggling and laughing about how they were going to hurt her. I was shaking I was so mad!!! I turned around to them almost every ten minutes, telling them to shut up and that it wasn't fun/funny to hear them talk about that. They just laughed, which, to my own dismay and lack of self control, infuriated me!!!!

So I told Shantelle that she should be careful about where she goes. I think she'll be okay though, she's very tough, and very strong. If those girls try to hurt her, she should be okay. But if I see them trying to hurt her, I'm jumping in and beating the shit out of anyone who tries to hurt her! Shantelle is very nice and she can do something I can't, stand up for other and speak her mind. She stopped these boys from calling me a, "Lesbian" once. I've always sort of looked up to her since then...

Sorry you all had to listen to this, I'll be posting more about this as it progresses. But I think, as for me, I should be safe. E, my friend/boyfriend is a sophmore, and my other friend Spikey, is Junior, I don't think those girls would try anything to me if I'm with them....

But I'll be careful...

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Friday, September 26, 2008

   Thanks, Mad's feeling a little better....

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MySpace Layouts Thanks to DaFeather, who commented. You're practically the only one who comments on here! XD

Oh well, it's still nice to have a place where you can rant about your happenings and what not! XD

I am feeling better now, my anger from last night has calmed down, but now I just feel....heavy...I dunno why.

But I don't have school today!!! YAY!!!

Plus, there's a small chance that ignislilium might be able to come over tonight...but I don't really wanna get my hopes up...

WEll, I'm gonna go back to that night real quick, I just have one more thing to say. The real reason I was probably so mad was because of the rudeness of the situation. I was raised my whole life to respect my elders, as well as those younger than me. I think that ignis's parents forget that sometimes.
You don't just call back, 10 minutes after arranging something and saying, "Oh, I'm not coming now!" You wouldn't say that to your boss!

You wouldn't even say that to a friend. I think her parents are forgetting that Julia isn't a child anymore. She can't just be told no on a whim and get over it quickly.....

Ok, I'm done...
(slams keyboard in frustration with head AKJJGSLDJFLGHAEEGNO)

But what do I do know??? Maybe I could watch some anime, but the interent is slow...I guess I'll draw....

See ya laters!


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Today was better...except for the end....

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MySpace Layouts Well, today the mood at school was better.

Kelsie was doing better, although she just seems uninterested in Spikey now....Which is a bit of a bummer, I want to hang out with him, cause he's really fun, and just plain cool (how many years has it been since I said that!!!) But I don't want him, my friends, or the guy I like, to get the wrong impression!!!
But I'll just keep hanging out with him. He really is funny and interesting to hang out with! ^_^

But I found out why this one girl started homeschooling! Apparently, she was feeling pressure to date! THIS FROM THE GIRL WHO was the first one to start dating in 8th grade!!!! I just can't believe it, and, she's not the type who will just give in like that!!!!!

But, just as I was thinking, "wow, the day is going great", disaster struck. My best friend, ignislilium, was coming over to my house for a sleepover, but TEN FREAKING MINUTES AFTER I CALL TO ARRANGE IT ALL, SHE CALLS BACK IN TEARS SAYING SHE CAN'T COME BECAUSE HER PARENT WENT BERSERCK OVER HER NOT TURNING IN ONE PIECE OF HOMEWORK!!!!!!!! SHE'S F***ING HOMESCHOOLED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

So, she was crying, I walked out as her dad was talking...I was so mad. I've never been this angry in my life....

It's just horrible...This poor girl has to homeschool, all by herself, as her parents go to work, her brothers to PUBLIC SCHOOL, and she's left at home with a list of homework and chores, her parents are using her as a maid!!!

I'd better stop...

But thank you for reading this if you have gotten this far. Thank you again...I just feel so frustrated right now....

(BTW, a HUGE thank you to DaFeather for commenting a lot lately. It really makes my day when someone comments on my blogs! ^_^)

Thank you.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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MySpace Layouts Amazingly, today, all my friends but me where in a bad mood!

To start off, my friend Kelsie is really bummed because the guy she likes (The dude with the spikey hair that I told you about earlier) has a girlfriend. So she's all depressed.

THEN, my other really good friend, Lashuanda, was in a bad mood, because HER best friend has decided to homeschool, and not tell her! So Laushanda hung out with me and my buds (Spikey, Kelsie, E) at lunch today...poor thing T_T

BUT, I had a great day!

I was making fun of Spikey all day (just playfully) because I found a picture of him on his DeviantART of him cosplaying as the Joker from Batman!!!! XD

Girlfriend or not, he still manages to completely surprise me! I was laughing hysterically when I saw it!

It suddenly occured to me in the middle of the day, during passing period and lunch. That I have been walking around with two Junior and Sophmore guys on either side...>< It could really backfire on me, but, it's also quite a confidence booster! (Oh yeah, like I need a lot of those XD)

But, that was all for today!

If you want, I have opened up a new contest, it's my first ever, even if you don't want to enter, please tell all you know so the word get's spread around! ^_^

See ya'll later!


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Thanks! I'm feeling better!

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MySpace Layouts Thanks to all the comments I recieved from my last post. I was feeling a little blue...

But I changed some things around. I feel like Riku for a while....

I'm going to close the Japanse class soon, run over to my world if you want to join, it's called, "Mad-Sensei's Japanese Class" PM me if you want to know more!

I'm also starting a contest on my other worlds on theo. I'm hoping to give a lot of prizes and get a lot of contestants!!!!

OMG, All my friends at my new school are older than me! They are either sophmores or Juniors!!!!! (At least I'll have connections when I get older!!! XD)

But there is this one guy, he's junior, AND HE'S HOT!!! But I'm not so sure about his goatee. He dresses punk, but doesn't really act like one... He has these AWESOME pants that have straps connecting them to each other. My sophmore friend and I were joking about how we would find a way to make him trip on April Fool's day!!!! XD

But, as I was walking to catch up to him in the hallway, I stepped over this box, just as a custodian was picking it up!!! I nearly fell on my ass!!! XD But i was able to catch myself!!

Another thing is, this black guy in my class, Marquii (I think that's how you spell his name) is totally bugging/harrasing me!!! He's always making fun of me, which I can take, but today he wouldn't get outta my seat...You know what I did???
You guesssed it, I sat on his lap. I though that would make him jump like a cat, but he didn't move.... Grr, so I had to settle with sharing the chair with him for the last 15 minutes of the day....XD

But other than that, I had a good day!




A Hearts Resolve-Kingdom hearts remix - drangen-kh

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Saturday, September 20, 2008


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MySpace Layouts I feel kinda blue....It seems like all my old friends are forgetting me.... Cuz they never call, and when they make plans with all my other friends, they never include me ....T_T

I hate being like this...

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


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MySpace Layouts Hmmm, it's been a while since I posted huh?

Oh well, I'll just give you guys a snippet of my dull life! XD


There's this one guy, that my friend and I just met! He's a total hottie! But that's not the coolest thing! So we've seen him around school, but we never saw anyone talking to him! So we decided to brave it and go talk to him, my friend really had a crush on him XD

So we went into the library where he was studying, and just sat down with him and started talking! (well, I was hiding behind a bookshelf xD)

But it turns out, he doesn't mind that we stalked him for like a week! XD

He's really nice!!! But he said that he didn't want to come to the school in the first place, he said that he wanted to be homescooled. XD Poor guy, it doesn't help his name is Harold. And that he just moved up from Texas.

But, other than that and a couple other things. My life is going pretty good. I can write a ton of Naruto names in Hiragana (Japanse) now! It's really fun!

PM me if you want something written to you!

I also joined Fencing, it's sooooo much fun!!!!

Ok, sorry for making you read this!

See ya'all later!


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