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Saturday, January 17, 2009

V_V Ima Cucumber.


Bye bye XD
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Hiya everyone! ^^ i'm NarutoChibiFan in my new account. Sorry I had to delete my old one.. I just had too many problems. So yeah. but now I get to start fresh! I'm still looking forward to meeting other people and ^^ making new friends. My best friends are AiTenTen and Inuyashaismylover. So please visit them! I also chose my username.. because M.O.V.E is my favorite band. ^^ They're a japanese band consists of 3 members. Yuri, on vocals, Motsu, on rapping, and the producer T-kimura. ^^ You can either call me NarutoChibiFan, NCF, Peach, or Hinata. Any one is fine. ^^ Please sign my Gbook and thanks for visiting! Datchu!
Rule 1: Please be nice. Treat others how you want to be treated. I don't enjoy being mean, but I will go to extreme lengths to stop you from acting mean to me and others. And if you have a problem with this, Then please get the hell off my site.
Rule 2:Keep the swearing to a minimum. I don't mind cussing, but don't overdue it, okay? I think all of us here on the otaku like safe language. You don't know if little kids read this stuff that you guys post. So yeah.
Rule 3: No chain-letters! Please do NOT give me any kind of chain-letter!I hate them, And if you ever send me one, I will ignore you to my content. So if you don't like being ignored, I suggest not chain-lettering me.
Rule 4:Always feel free to PM me. I'll respond whenever I can. But please don't send me chainletters, spam, porn, links, or other innapropriate crap like that. I really don't enjoy those kinds of things so please.
Rule 5:Whenever you comment on my posts, please be nice in the comments as well. Don't insult, call eachother names, no threats, harrassing, etc,. We all want TheOtaku to be a fun, enjoyable site for EVERYONE. being rude will make people feel very uncomfortable.
Rule 6: Don't just be nice to me. Be nice too ALL my friends. I don't want my friends to be upset of something that YOU did. I will be very unhappy with you. I have enough troubles as it is, so make sure You treat everyone here with respect.
Rule 7: Please enjoy your stay at my site. Guestbook signs are highly appreciated. Just follow the rules, and Otaku site rules. Stay as long as you
like. Comment if you wish. I love reading what all of you have to say. ^^
Rule 8: Make sure you follow all the rules. ^^ Thank you very much for doing so.

Chat wif us. :3

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Post. :'3 Yes. Yes.

don't click this link...

These girlz are beastin. :O

Yuki, Haruhi, and Mikuru Pictures, Images and Photos

:3 I like.. Mello. Yeah. Hez hawt.

Mello Pictures, Images and Photos

FEAR TEH CHIBI!! Yay Konata. 8D

konata Izumi Pictures, Images and Photos


Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Pictures, Images and Photos

Light's red hair is pimpin. Oh shet.

Light Yagami

w00t BFF! <3

Zen and Shizzzz yah bish

You Are 72% Emo

While you may not be completely emo, you have a sensitive, deep, troubled soul.


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