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Sunday, August 9, 2009

You're not 18 anymore, craving, play, random stuff...a long post? :O
Currently: tired/sleepy
Time: 11:27 pm

Yeah it's pretty late right now and I feel sleepy....zzz. *blinks* ok, but first I just wanted to write something. Lots of things happened, and they just happened really fast. I can't recall everything that has happened, but just some of the main things that really knocked to us.

Well remember about the lake? yes we went, but at about 1:00 pm, my dad suffered from an asthma attack that he had to go to the hospital. Things got more nerve-wracking as they told us there were a few irregularities with his heart...thankfully, he went to see the cardiologist and they told him that he has nothing wrong with his heart, it was just the asthma that was causing his heart to beat irregularly. My dad had asthma since he was little, so he's chronic. Things with strong scent will make for him hard to breathe so he can't smell really strong things like a super glue or dust, etc. Before the lake he said he wasn't feeling too good, but he didn't pay to much attention to it so that's why..
now he has to have his inhaler with him all the time, he's not used to do that, but now he WILL have to carry it. He's okay now, but he's just not feeling 100%, he says he just needs some rest.

Well, after that, we didn't really enjoyed the lake trip as we had to leave early that day. We were stressed out with the heart news though, cause we were worried that it would be something more serious, but thank goodness that it isn't. My dad plays sports like he's 18 years old, but he needs to be more careful, he forgets that he's 51. Even the doctor told him that. This happened saturday 1st, and he was in the hospital until sunday. Later this happened AGAIN on the next saturday, and he stayed until monday.

The play: Well that was a really fun thing ^^ even with all of the situation mentioned before. We had to leave after the play was finish since dad was at home not feeling well. It came out awesome, and everyone really enjoyed it ^^. I only have one picture of all the cast, my brother recorded it but at the end he missed the ending :(

Craving: PIZZA HUT! guh I've been having this craving for weeks! I offered to go and eat but there's never any time or something else comes up X(. One day XD.

I had a neopet post box similar to what anna-san has in her post (they were SO cute ^^), but they were a bit small, so I'm still looking for a good size post box. I tried changing the size but the image gets messed up when I do that. Anyone knows of a site that has post boxes codes?

Among other things, that's all I wanted to write. It really has been a busy hectic two weeks. Good thing I am out from work for two weeks since the doctor went for vacation to Egypt.

And...Always remember, anything can happen in a day, and it can happen to any of us, so be thankful for what you have right now, and don't protest for what you don't have...believe me, things can go from 0 to a 180 or even 360 degree turn in your life at any moment. Thank Jehova God that we still can breathe and we are alive to do what's right in His eyes ^^.

Take care all


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