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Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks everyone for the comments ^^. The implant surgery came out okay, no complications ^^. Lots of stiches for the guy though, but he's gonna come back next week to take them off and see how it's doing with the healing. Implants are allright, they just take a while, but I'm not uneasy by them anymore ^^. They are kind of interesting now :).

Tomorrow we're going to a lake with a group of brothers and sisters from our congregation, and others that are going to meet us there. I think we only went once to a lake a long while ago, and I think that's the same one we're going..not sure.

Oh yes, the Play that I told you before is turning out nicely ^^. We have the costumes now and were gonna reherse again on sunday at night. It's due for the 1st of august..yikes!

Bye bye for now,

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