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Friday, July 10, 2009

Surgery and...a drama?
Hello~ :)

How is everyone? well I just felt like typing something, and I think its about time I post XP.
I was in an implant surgery yesterday at work, it was my first time in being part in a surgery O_o. I never thought I would see myself in a situation like this...wow, I feel rather accomplished XDD; ^^' so yesterday we had to go earlier to work on that patient. Lots of stuff to prepare and to clean afterwards ^^' It turned out ok, that patient has to come back in a week to take off the stiches and come back in 2 months to see how the bone adapts/heals...
but it was interesting to see how she did it...medicine really has some advance technical stuff :O.

Well now about the drama...well it's not the bad drama you might be thinking, but it's like a Biblical-theme theatrical drama that I'll be in. It all started with a friend like this:

-"hey guess what? we're going to make a drama for the babyshower for Anita that we're having in august, and you're the protagonist!"


-"EH?! O_O;"

-"it's just something different for a change ^_^".

You noticed that it tooked me a couple of seconds to process what she said XD. The Bible story that we're doing starts from Joshua 2:1. I'm Rahab.
Not that I don't want to do it, it's just that it was all very sudden! O_o; I didn't expect it at all. And it will be for the 1st day of august...that's not a lot of time! >_< we rehearsed two times this week, and we hav LOTS to practice -_-. uguuh, etoo, I'm going to be nervous n excited at the same time x3;

Ok then, I just need to remember all my lines...3 pages long T_T

I want to make a graphic or something to take some of my anxiety away XDD so you might expect something.


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