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Thursday, December 11, 2008

   ¿Tan rápido pasó el tiempo?

Wow you know long it's been since I wrote in this place? near than two months now. Seriously time just slips through your hands like it was water :O. Doesn't it feel like that to you sometimes?
It's cold outside (38º) the chilly temperature makes up for the absence of wind. Plus the freezing rain, you don't want to be waiting for the bus at this time. Not like how I had to wait for it today (it took a long wait >_>).

A lot of things have happened to me and situations that I think only thanks to Jehovah they have come to be. First of all, probably at the mid week of november, I started working at a new job...as an Dental Radiologist! :)I've finished my classes, I thought I wasn't going to make it, those classes were killing me >_<; Even though it was one day a week, we had to study multiple chapters for each week so that we take a quiz every class. Like all things, at first it was rough, speaking in dental terms of course. I had no knowledge AT ALL about dental stuff. NOTHING, ZIP, EMPTY, NADA XD. Everyone in the class had some type of dental background, but I didn't know nothing. So you could picture me the first two weeks of class with this face: ''O_____O;;; and ^___^;;;;; but mainly this ?_____?; and this @___@; lol yeah that was me XD. Later on it wasn't too bad, I passed every single quiz! two that I passed barely, almost falling off the edge XD. Then came the final of 100 questions, passed that with 94! ^_^. The teacher was very nice though, she would help us if we were stuck in a question. So I sucssesfully passed the class and now I can safely say how a dental x-ray works and what are the names of most of the things found inside and some dental terminology :). I'm getting much more practice on where I am working, and we basicly take x-rays every day we work (btw, I only work 3 days a week). But wow, everything happened so FAST to me...that's why I'm surprise how much time travels by.
Oh and I wasn't alone through this whole thing, another sister was studying with me in the same class. We helped each other out through it all :). When I saw her I was so glad!! I said: -"Faby! I'm so glad to see you!" *sobs* lol.
But really, it's all thanks to a good sister, named Maria, that got me through to this. She found me the job, she answered every question I had, and she gave me encouragement to keep on going. I breaked at some points, but she would tell me to not worry. Thank you Jehovah, that through sister Maria you provided me this oportunity.

I have a Profession now!!!! Woooot!! ^_^

That's mainly the big picture that have happened. Besides that, I got a new computer, a Dell laptop :3. My resolution is now 1280x800.

I might be going to Maryland this saturday, but I'm still undecided...

Um, anyways, here are the new updated photos of the Kingdom Hall :) it's almost done! only the sidewalk and entrance needs to be finish and it's done! the inside is so pretty!

Auditorium I
Auditorium II
Auditorium III
Auditorium: Room B

-What are you doing this weekend?
-Is there something you always wanted to ask me?
-What picture is in your mousepad? (if you have one)

Take care all ^_^

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