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Sunday, March 9, 2008

   Decisions don't come cheap...
Guys, I don't know what I'm going to do...

you know....

I like MyO and all, and I have been here for 2 years now so I do want to stay here as well. The customization is not as limited as at Worlds, and it's also practical in a way. I would stay here and keep on posting, but I'm affraid many of my MyO friends might be leaving and going to the Worlds site now. If that's the case, I don't know when they update if I'm in the MyO.

But you know...if someone wants to still keep in touch with you, they would still try and visit you in both sites, even if it's troublesome. I guess that's where you see the real effort. I know it's going to be troublesome for me since I barely update MyO anymore [I'm sorry for that ._. O need to post more often] let alone two blogs and I don't even want to mention commenting XD. But you know, whatever site you decide to update, I will try my best and visit/comment you when I can. I know it won't be regurlarly, but you'll hear from me occasionally. Hope you all understand =].

As for myself, originally I was thinking of making a worlds site for one of my clubs. I wanted to do that long before the making of VV started. I want to make a site club for my Nature's Admirers club and post interesting information about nature/enviroment I would find on the net and everyday have some random but cool facts. Also alot of anime-related nature pics and other photos of the real enviroment. I do want to do that...what you all think? please give me some feedback on this ^_^ I have members who have joined, and I want to do something fun for you yet where you learn as well.

Okay, I think I wrote enough ^^; I will post something at my worlds site refering to this post so that people can read this.

Take care,

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Hi there =]
well I can't go any more days without updating now can I? if this keeps up I might forget to post at all .__.; I know you guys wouldn't want that ^^; sorry for the long time that has passed. I hope you all are doing okay =].

Let's see...well nothing out of the ordinary has happened, except that I now have a cellphone :3. Now that I work I can pay for it...plus I needed one. I don't like asking other people to let me use their cell if I had an emergency, they are handy for those situations ne? so it's good to have one in one of those cases. What else...well I have been giving Bible studies to two kids (a boy and a girl) from my Dad's friend. The family is going to our congregation now so we are giving studies to them ^^. It's a bit difficult since the kids only know english but the parents wants them to learn spanish since they know spanish and our congregation is spanish also. I try to explain things in english so they can understand, but let them read in spanish and try to express themselves in spanish. We just started so they have a long way to go ^^; Oh if you're wondering, the boy is 11 years old and the girl is 7. Patience has to come in action here sometimes XD.

I have some more news; not good news unfortunately =[. My grandpa in Ecuador is going to have an operation. I'm not sure how it is called in english what he has, but he has like a big bump in his lower side of his stomach. It involves something with the intestings. But whatever it is they have to remove it before it's too late. My mom, brother, and I agreed to send money to pay for the costs of it, and a cousin from Spain is going to pay for an X-ray they're going to give him. I hope everything turns out ok.

That's all I have for now, you all take care and I'm in the process of submitting something so look out for any updates on my gallery ^^


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Saturday, February 9, 2008

I have finally submitted something to theO =] it's a new wallpaper, please check it out, it's in my portfolio. Arigato ^^.

Bus passes are the best =]. No more loud change! XD.

There is something I would like to say about AnimePaper. As some of you may know, AP is very strict about the wallpapes a member submits. They have a place where other members critic your work to make it better and be accepted to the gallery. Now, sometimes there is good feedback, and then there are others that are of no help at all =[. The wallpaper I tried to submit (the one AZ suggested) it's supposely not good enough. I've got some positive feedback, but there are others that are just plain criticism. I don't mind that, I know everyone has different points of view on how/say something. What it gets me is that, there are so many people that TRY their best to AT LEAST make a DECENT wallie *cough*not like some of the copy/pasted ones on theO*coughs*, but still I see it that they are in Session Z (the place where you get your works critique). I have seen there that there are some GOOD wallpapers, good enough to make it, but they are still there. AP finds something wrong with them...and it's just too strict, you get dissapointed when one of your wallies that you really like isn't accepted. Not everyone is a graphic artist, but just people that does it for a hobbie or just for fun.

Well, I'm just going to leave you with this: Things are bad when you go to the extreme. In anything in life. There needs to be a balance. Just think about that for a sec.

Oy, sorry for the possible rant there, I just wanted to talk about it. And Zakuro-chan, I don't think my wallpaper is going to be accepted =[. Feedback wans't that positive. I think I'll make a new wallie, if I get motivated enough, I'll try and work/edit on the other one you suggested.

I thank everyone that has visited me and commented on my previous post ^^.

Until next time,

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Hehe, I like that icon XD.

Well, here I am again posting, sorry for the time that has passed. Yes were in february now! can't wait until march comes =] why? simple: Super Smash bros Brawl is coming out :D anyone has heard of it? my brother and I wants to play that game so badly XD.

Well anyways, how is everyone? we're doing allright I guess, we've be taking the bus to work everyday and now we bought a 2-zone pass for the month of february so that we don't have to worry about taking change with us. It was bothersome, plus we don't have any more change XD so we need that bus pass.

Also, my dad is selling the car...so yeah, this might take a while and that means we'll be taking the bus for a long time -_-. *sighs* Unexpected situations happens to everyone.

Well that's all I have for now...wow I haven't made a new wallpaper .__.; what's wrong with me? you have nothing to look foward to =[. Real sorry about that, I'm hoping I can do some soon, but lately I haven't had any motivation. I'll try and come up with something *thinks*
Oh and speaking of that, I'm going to try and submit a wallpaper of mines to AnimePaper that Zakuro-chan suggested =]. Thanks, let's see if it gets accepted.

Goodbye for now,

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Hola minna-san,
Well here the real post. How's everyone? I see some came back for yesterday's post ^^ thanks *gives llolipops* Well I will tell you what's been happening lately *pulls a chair*

Work has been allright, I've been changed permanetly to the Blister's Area, so now I'm officially set there =]. At the end of december and at the begining of january, work was very slow, but now it started to go up again. Sometimes when there isn't alot to do, I help my mom or I do re-fills with to the bulk boxes. Mom always seems to has work because she re-fills the 'bulk' boxes too (as in, the electric parts in large quantities that comes in UPS-type of boxes) and has to register them in and write down all the info on how much there is, the name of the parts, putting them in their place, etc. She has alot to do, more than me, and now I understand better how she comes tired from work. Poor mommy =[ *hugs her*

Today, the boss asked me if any one of my friends were interested in working...he said he needs another 'puller' (the job I do, pulling or taking other companies' orders. Just in case some of ya forgot XD). Anyways, I have someone in mind...she was looking for a job before, so maybe she might be interested. I'm going to tell her that tomorrow =].

You might be thinking -"Well everything sounds good so far"- but something bad did happen. Economy is not going to be on our side for awhile...we lost transportation, my father had some unfinished bussiness with the car, so he was stopped and...well things got ugly -_-. He has to work stuff out, but that's going to take a while, I'm not sure how long. Until then, we'll have to find a way to move...the bus is actually our friend here, but it's hard to keep up with it =[ not to mention that it's not going to be cash-friendly. A family without a car, things will be harder, specially since my dad uses it for work since he needs to move from place to place to make installations and such. Well you know, let's see how our time goes...hopefully this gets sorted out soon.

Quick facts:
- I got a haircut =] (I like it! :3)
- Bronchitis is gone, almost completely.
- Planning to buy a cellphone. Yes, I don't have one.

I should wrap this up now, thank you for stopping by ^_^. Always glad to hear from ya'll.


[Edit: A video for your entertaiment ^^ since I got nothing else to show. Besides, I really love this song <3]

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey everyone,
just wanted to let you all know I'm not dead...yet XD. Don't freak out now, I'm just kiddin'. Well, I'll do a real post tomorrow, I just wanted to write something down here...please stop by tomorrow to read the real post ^^

PS: I changed my theme =]


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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thanks for the comments =]. I'm glad now that the questions you had we're answered =] now all you know a little more about me. Well anywhoo, there were only 3 comments...maybe the vacations were good to everyone XD. I had today off, yesterday I worked until 2:00 PM. It actually feels like a sunday today XD it was nice outside too, very sunny, but with a wind chill -_-.

I was about to take a walk today, but my bronchitis hasn't go away completely...remember that I had a cold? well it kept developing and it turned to bronchitis. I went to the doctor already, so I'm taking medicine. I feel better, but like I mentioned, it hasn't fully go away yet >_>. It sucks being with this, it bothers when you're working. Hope tomorrow it won't bother me at work >_<

Oh and arigato for the compliment on my previous avatar Zakuro-chan ^^ though I changed it again ^^; I change my mind about my avatar alot XD. Thanks for telling me who it was though (Madoka right?), I had no idea =].

My Graphics
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Question's Corner
1. What is your favorite enviromental scenery?
A: for me, it's a sunset in the ocean/beach =]

2. Is there something you collect? (aside from anime stuff)
A: Yeah, pencils :) I used to collect stickers too.

*waves*, until next time

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Well, I'll start with the questions everyone had:

Angel Zakuro: Ah the origin of my screenname...hm I think I had mentioned before, I'm not sure if someone asked me though. Well anyways, my screenname is a combo of different names. I'll break it down for ya:

Lys = Part of my real name
tiki = Nickname given when I was little (my parents still call me that sometimes >>; I dunno why I included that there -_-')
nena = Spanish translation for 'girl' I'm not sure if that word is similar to nana in english.
XP = Just the kind of windows I have.

Pretty long ne? ^^; If I had a CLUE on how I made up that name...I'll get back to you XD. I was a total novice to the internet when I made that up, so I didn't care about my screenname that much. Now I do, I think it's kind of long & confusing X3. Hence, that's where my other name comes, Lady XZ. I just picked something short and sweet. The letters X and Z are the initials of X and Zero from the Megaman X series (they're my favorite characters :])


but you know, mostly everyone calls me Lys :3

Madarame2: Mines is Miyuki, Kagami, and Konata =]

Kirbysdouble: Since you pretty much answered the question yourself, I'll answer the other question you had.
What are blister boxes? The ones that give the most blisters?
*chuckles*, good one XD but no they don't XD.

This is a blister:

Blister is merely the type of package the item is sealed in.

Innocent heart: Yes I do =]

Animesnowgirl: oh come on, you didn't needed to ask that, of course!

Shishou: Some of them, I like 80s music too and freestyle. Rock, pop, techno is a given ^_^.

Wow that took a while...now I don't wanna write more XD :P. Just a quick rundown, I've been doing ok health and emotional-wise. Job is going fine, nothing new.
...Although there is something sad that happened...
a sister in my congregation died of cerebral hemorrhage T_T she was a very nice person...she had her age though. She was gone for two months to Dominican Republic for vacation and she was found dead overnight. I know Jehovah has her in His thoughts and will ressurect her in the new world to come (Revelation 21:4)
We'll miss her though ;_;

This made me think in something I have had thought before again. Today we are alive, but you never know what can happen tomorrow. Be happy that you are alive and well and you have your family with you and all your loved ones. They are essential to you, just like every finger in your hand.

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Question's Corner
1. Pick three words to describe me =]
2. Be random

*waves*, until next time

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Monday, October 29, 2007

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Buttons made by Shishou

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

|Current Mood|

|Listening to|
Hashimoto Miyuki - Innocence
[Current favorite song! *is playing right now in my site*]

Sunny and cool =]

Thanks all for the comments and sympathies about my mom ^^. She's feeling better, I've been asking her how she is feeling and if she has any back pains and she said that thankfully no. Unless she does a bad move with her back, it seems there's no problem. She called the doctor and told him about the pills, and he said that he couldn't give her any others -_-/ that she has to see a chiropractor >>. *sighs* that's not gonna happen anytime soon, there's not enough money for that...
but anyways, until she doesn't do any hard moves that involves her back, that pain won't come...I hope -_-.

Well how was your week? my went pretty good, I had a presentation yesterday on my meeting, and it came out good ^^. I was all nervous that day (and the day before ^^;) but everyone told me I was as natural as I could and the part came out great =]. When I'm nervous I go and rush when I say something trying it to finish it fast XD; ^^; but I'm glad everyone in the congregation liked it ^^. I was so happy :D. Also, a sister recommended me for a possible job as a receptionist in a Medical Office! I handed in my resume and we agreed that she would call me if anything. Yay, I hope I get that job, I've been looking for one for awhile. *thinks* oh jeez I gotta do my laundry X3

Zakuro-chan, I have your avatar done and the wallpaper is ready. I'll PM you shortly =].

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Also there are new e-cards for you to see ^_^
Please check it out ^^.

|Pic of the day|
Does anyone know what's the anime for this pic?

|Question's Corner|
1. Do you know a lot of japanese?
2. How many icons do you have on your desktop?
3. If you were allowed to go to outer space in a spaceship, where would you go visit first?
::My answers::
1. Sadly no -_- but I do know basic words. I want to learn how to make a sentence at least ._.
2. 18
3. The moon =] and then to Saturn

See you around and take care ^_^

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