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Monday, March 12, 2007

   Vanilla & OGT's
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ahhh again, sorry for the little blog-ness. I'm trying out dizzy logic. its some-what working. ish. its sort of a running joke between me, and Evai. he name on the megatokyo forums is "notquitedizzy" hahah. as most of you guys know, dizzylogic.com is the place of both Evai, and I's webcomics. I posted a few half-hearted sketches of some of the characters on here I think...

but yea. so I'm in a good mood other than that! The OGT's start today. yup! all the sophomores have to take it. but I passed all mine. so its all good. Right now I'm listening to vanilla. By Gackt. That, mixed with random katamari, and Zelda theme's have been stuck in my head all weekend. I went to the mall, and video game place with evai on Saturday. and really got to hang out. Really dont think I got anything. other than a pair of 3 inch stack heels that look awesome, but also strech my height to near "6'0 or so... >.>

but when we went to the video game place, evai got an old sci-fi flick, and at the other video game place she got this horridly addicting game. you have to roll balls around, and pick junk up. yup. ya'll know what I'm talking about. damn. that theme is catchy.

I've been playing twilight princess, and I am soooo happy. FINALLY! A ZELDA GAME THAT CAN OVER SHADOW THE HELL THAT IS MINISH CAP AND WIND WAKER! uhh. sure, I can get that they where trying to do like, an art style and stuff, but I love my new link. HE HAS FINGERS!!! ahhh! and he looks sooo cool! screw G4 and them saying that the graphics are not "next generation" all I know is when link falls in the water, you better believe his hair gets wet. oh heck yes.

so, I get out of school at 11 the rest of the week. so I have no prior convictions to wear pants. its going to be nothing but gamer shirts, and pajama pants. I might go all fancy, and wear shoes. but flip-flops suit me just fine.and since my best friend has to take the OGT's I have nowhere to hang out. well unless I go over to jessicas and play gears of war online at her house. pwn n00bs' and all that.

well. see ya later!


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