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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

   Kingdom hearts and gorillaz
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Man. sorry for the minimal blogs. I've been playing kingdom hearts. And ya, Plaing gorillaz. ha ha ha. I beat it last year, but, I didnt desimate. I didnt get 100% death. so I just took my little sisters name on there, (that had just gotten to traverse town) and I just beasted. I've been killin everything on and off since friday. just shootin' and stabbin, shootin' and stabbin.

Its a nice refresher to got from my normal halo-online fests of FPS bliss, to a low grade, easy to follow RPG. That, and I get so tired of when I play halo online, people on there are likr, "OMG! boobies! female!" it makes me rather mad. YES! GIRLS PLAY HALO! THEY ALSO PLAY DDR! GET OVER IT! my god. and how much they cuss! ah! man! its annoying. and I dont have gears of war, but thats the only first person shooter I like. so, yes. halo hell. But kingdom hearts is aweosme! so thats good.

wouldnt it be awesome if kingdom hearts went online? ahhh the third one, keyblade wars seems like it might have the possiblity of being an online game. w00t. ha ha ha. now wouldnt that be awesome?!? ^.^ I gotta go. I'm posting this at school.


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