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Thursday, March 1, 2007

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colbie catt

I'm listening to this really cute song right now. I really should post the songs I'm listening to on here. they're really sweet. hummm so today was an early release. Yesterday was my SAT tutoring. I bombed the PSAT's so I need to get it in gear. as I've said. but thats why I didn't post. got home late, and didn't feel like going on the computer.

so today I get my varsity jacket!!! I was really freaking out about it. I guess it takes a while to do all the embroidery on it. And I have... 4 extracurricular activities on it. (oh wow. I spelled extracurricular right. go me!)I have tennis, marching band, jazz band, and symphonic band. yay! go band geeks! hahah. ah! and speaking of! I'm going to a competition in Cleavland in may for a jazz band competition. we get to go to cedar point for the awards ceremony. I'm going to ride as many coasters as I possibly can. i want to take as many pictures as I can!

ah! I might even take my video camera, so I can record us playing... I donno. maybe. weellll I'mm see ya later! bye!


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