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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

   stayed home yo.
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john legend

*yawn* I stayed home today. I woke up with a mild headache, and even less of a convetion to go to school. besides its the day after our principals bachlor party, so the majority of my teachers are having "movie days" to nurse their hangovers. so it was going to be un-eventful anyway. ha ha.

hummm other than that... yesterday I got home, and didnt get a lecture! I broke my cell phone again. this makes cell number... 4? yea. cell phone # 4. usually it falls out of my back pocket and gets flushed in the toilet. thats happened twice. once I accidently broke it in half, by dropping it in the street. this past one I left it in a pair of pants, and accidently washed them. >.> yea. I get the most accident prone idiot award. up-side, I get to buy it myself. so I'm going to get that new tiny camera phone thats smaller than my ipod nano. ^.^ its tre' cute. ha ha.

see ya!


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