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Saturday, February 17, 2007

im so sorry i have been gone a really really long time!.....i finally came back on but i have the feeling half of you forgot who i am or forgot i was on your friends list....i have been really busy with school and important family matters! i promise i shall come back 2 or more times ever 2 weeks or so if im not busy ok....i dont even see the point in writing this to you all...ou probably all hate me or something for not posting earlier T_T well i go to go now...i gotta get some sleep because im going out in the morning for an important family matter! see im so busy even on weekends now! i wish it was summer vacation! then i could post to you guys like every day! well sorry again for not being on! i have no questions for today because im in a rush to finish this cause im being yelled at as im typing! well gotta go now BYE! T_T miss all of ya! *who ever came to read this gets one of my hugs!*

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

skool starts tomorow....god X-mas break went by so fast....well i've been very busy all break...at first it was kool and all then i had to go to NY (New York) to visit my aunts because my great uncle died...T_T ....he passed away and the funeral was so sad...i was strong and didnt cry but it was hard seeing my aunts just cry out for him....i never wanna see something like that again....well...after that we came back home...and the whole time in NY i didnt go shoppin for anyting...i didnt even watch tv!to busy for any of that!when i came home my house seemed so different...it was kool in NY but after that i only had a week more of break then back to skool which is tomorow...grrr....well i know this was very late...it was the only time i could stay long enough on my computer well cya whenever i can bye!
1)Ever been to a funeral?
2)Been to NY?
3)Feel the pain of tears from others?

....that last question just came out of my mind so...you dont really have to answer it!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

i got on today yay!well i hope everyone had a great X-mas!!....or hanaka and kwanza!i cant seem to think of any others....well i hope they were good!well i know what i wanted for X-mas and i pretty much got it!! *seeks into santa's house and hugs him!* well hope everything went swell....man the break is already almost over i dont wanna go back to school im having to much fun T_T .... well i have a EXAM PROJECT DUE THE 15th OF JANUARAY! i started the rough copy...but i gotta finish it and print the good copy and then make an energy efficient house!well im gonna leave now to build that house...its so funny what im using! it is LEGO!!!lol well have a great break....if i dont come back on over the break i guess i must have been busy with the project ok bye!

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

ugh...sorry its been so long to write to you all...ive been sick...i would have been on sooner but i dont have enough energy to do anything...plus im busy with school...man i feel like laying down...but i dont want to...well i dont really feel that well...im hardly eating...i think this sickness is getting to my hunger...ugh....like i feel like to eat but dont wanna...ugh...my head is killing me...sorry i wont be able to make anyones site...i really like to but i feel like imma pass out right now...so bye!
1)Ready for x-mas?
2)Anything under the tree yet?
3)Are you glad to see me back or do you not care?

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

i actually was able to get on wow!well how are you all!?im so tired...i want to sleep but i cant!!!ok now i need glasses...ok....well i got em like last tuesday...at first im like me and glasses dont mix...but now i cant see myself without wearing them...well i cant stay on for to long i got to go to my aunts this weekend...oh ya the party was great...umm to many drunk ppl but it was ok...we played some nice music and stuff...well thats all i have to say cuz i gtg now...well see ya whenever!BYE!!
1)Do anything fun lately?
2)Did it snow near you yet?
3)Do you wear glasses?

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Friday, November 24, 2006

oh man what a week!ive been helping out so much for the party on saturday...and whats worse is that it has only been me and my dad working on it!nobody else in my housr wanted to help!and my back is killing me now!i cant bend my knees OMG!well the party is saturday and i am ready for it...but the thing is after the party on sunday morning we have to leave early and go over to my aunts to fix up some more stuff!wow it never stops sometimes...well ima so tried now i dont think i can get of my chair!well seeya next time!might not be able to make it to your sites well have a great friday!hope everyone had a great thanksgivings yesterday (even though i dont celebrate it because im in canada and we have a different day for it!)well peace out!
1)Have a great thanksgivings?
2)Did you eat alot?
3)Do anything interesting this week?

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

soory ive been gone so long!first thing i had was school and that is keeping me busy like crazy now!and after im done all my homework ive been helping my dad fix up the basement for our bday party for my sister next week!its going to be crazy but we need to fix alot of things up and i might not be able to be on all the time maybe every weekend or so...!well i cant stay on for long now my dad needs some more help!ok well seeya! BYE!
1)Getting ready for X-mas
2)Got a list?(lol)
3)Are you sad i wont be on much?

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Monday, November 6, 2006

hey well its been a while...i've been busy all weekend...so i never had the chance to come back on....i had family memebers over so i didn't come on my computer because i wasn't able to!somebody locked the door and i couldn't get in!and the thing is no one was in the room!so that why i couldn't get in...and also i went out with my family that came over and we went to all these different mall...and they were getting prepared for Xmas shopping!wow thats a long way!...well thats just weird...and now my parents said make a list on what you want for Xmas...all i wrote were some more games and clothes lol!well have a great day BYE!
1)How was your halloween?
2)Got alot of candy?
3)Can't wait till Xmas?

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

i am so tired...but today was alright..me and RizelmineRedWolf were having an interesting coversation yesterday...lol its kind of a story...it stars Me and her...also Naruto, rock lee, gaara, akatsuki, 100 sound ninjas and orochimaru!lol you will not believe how this story ended up being!well i'll tell you guys anyway!

First me,wolf are talking and i get a cookie from her(im like YAY) then gaara comes in and takes it from me!i chase him down and take back my cookie and gaara runs off crying!....so then i decide to give him a cookie anyway so now we all have cookies but then the akatsuki comes in and takes it!Wolf and I are piss of and we release the demons withing us!she released the one-tailed WOLF DEMON...and i release the nine-tailed FOX DEMON!so now were in search for the akatsuki hide out...and we find this box!it looks like an ordinary box but when we opened it there was a secret passage!as we walk down the long hallway we are stuck at a dead end and it says put this word together! the letters are: K T A S K I A U...we think hard over it and finally come up with the word AKATSUKI!and it worked the door opened and we spotted akatsuki easily!Wolf beats the crap out of itachi!and we kick all there butts...but then I get hit in the head!i go flying across the room!and the Wolf bites the man who hit me and wouldn't let go!I got back up and kick him over!and then finally we got the cookies back YAY!^_^(...wait the story doesn't end there!) as we are walking back out of this secret hideout we bump into OROCHIMARU AND 100 SOUND NINJA'S!!!but then suddenly naruto, gaara, and lee come to help us!we defeated the first 50 ninja's with ezz but then orochimaru summoned his giant snake!and we were running low on chakra!so we told naruto to make duplicates of us and then we hide behind a rock!as the fake us attack they manage to defeat 20 sound ninjas but the giant snake makes them all disappear!everyone was low on chakra but when orochimaru decided to take the cookies the demons inside everyone was enraged!wolf and i transformed!naruto trasformed into the nine-tailed fox demon as well(but why stronger!) Gaara transforms into his sand monster and LEE opens all of his gates and goes crazy!we defeated all the sound ninja's and we also were able to deafeat the giant snake...but then orochimaru tried to summon him again!but it didn't work his chakra level was low so he fleed!finally we got the cookies back and were able to leave!!^_^!! but wait were are the cookies!?hey were is gaara!? we seach around and find that gaara has stuffed his face with our cookies!so when we leave the secret hideout we buy another box of cookies and were finally able to enjoy them!(well except gaara because we chained him to a tree so he didn't get the cookies again!)well i hoped you enjoyed that story!
give credit to:RizelmineRedWolf and me too!
well bye!
1)Halloween is today excited?
2)Enjoy me and wolfs story?
3)Out of 5 what would you rate it as?

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

man im so tired...i woke up 4pm!!!that was like 1 hour ago....yesterday was so tough!...man first i was finishing up my picture that i drew in my paint section but then my dad called me and i didn't have time to finish...so everyone is down there helping out and we had to take down these 2 cupboards and there like 120 pounds!...but me and my dad lifted it down because its to long to do with one person...then we brang the second one down...that one was a bit easier...then it got to the hard stuff...we had to put up drywall...and its heavy like hell!...so me and my dad lifted it up...and the he said to me balance it on your head and hold it with your arms....so i did...then he screwed it up on the ceiling and we were one quater done!...next we had to put the cupboard back up...this time it was easy because we used these long pieces of wood from our backyard to hold it up until he screwed it in!...then we put the fan in it because underneath the cupboard we put the stove so we had to do that!...after that we put up the second cupboard....that one was very difficult because it was hard to find the wood to drill it in to!so 20mins of screwing holes went by and we got some....and the we finally finished that...but the next thing we did was put up the second drywall....and this time it was tougher because it was like 3 in the morning and i was down there since 5pm so were all a bit tired...but i stayed there for the whole time...finally at 4am in the morning(which is now 3 because the time went back an hour!) we finished and it looks good so far...but we aren't done yet...we just need 2 more small pieces to go up for the little parts of the cieling....but for now we call it a night....and i took a nice shower....but when i did so everyone was asleep!....and then my dad showered to...because we were full of drywall dust and other things....after that i went back on my computer and finished my drawing!but that was like 5am!...i would show you the picture but its to big to put it on photobucket lol!...well i didn't go to bed till 6:30...and now im so tired my neck is killing me my back and legs to...but at least i know we did good!!well thats mainly all i've got to say well bye!
1)Can you wait to more days for halloween?
2)Ever done any huge tasks?
3)If so were you sore the next day?
4)Do you like halloween for the candy or for dressing up?
well i told you i could show you my picture...but i can show you my other one i drew like a day ago...it is about rocklee...lol!
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