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Saturday, April 21, 2007

yay!!! fun quiz things!

Which naruto character has a secret crush on you?(girls only) by Sasuke's Gurl
Who has a crush on you?Gaara
Who gets jealous?Neji
Who You End Up With And How...Neji-he discovers his byakugon does not work on you. he can't see you unless he is using his normal eye sight. you vanish everytime he uses his byakugon. so, he spends an entire month with you to find out why his trade mark jutsu does not work on you. and during this time you fall in love with him and he falls in love with you back.

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hey everyone!!! im sorry icouldnt post anything much this week. i have this project to do on china. it sounds like fun, but its so much time consumming!!! (spelled wrong, but who gives a hoot.not me nope nope.) yeesterday had to be the most confusing day ever!!! ok, there is this boy at school who happens to be my friends boyfriend!
yay! im so glad for her! but, this boy seems to be avodding me now. i wonder why? i always talked to him. he uesd to be cool with me, but now if i catch him looking at me, he turns around.( we usallay do a stare down. but like what ever. i think hes just scared of talking to other girls now that he has a girlfriend. but his an idiot. because i happen to be his girlfriends friend!!! what ever. hes just a book. (inside joke). but even more confusing is that i dont know what the heck is going on with another one of my friends. shes not herself latly. and doesnt want to talk about it. so im going to give her some space and let her, i dont know, think about whatever shes thinking about??? gosh. so troublesome ^xx^ ..... anywho, do you like my new site!!!!????

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

   no school!
hello to all my fellow otaku people!!!!! today i didnt have to go to school! yay for me! first of all, my school is getting out early beacuse of a teachers meeting thing. instead of getting out at 2:41, we get out at 1:15. but i have to go to the densit today, so my day will not be so much fun. i think i have the oppinemt at 11. im not sure. so yeah, also i drew this very pretty girl yesterday!. the only problem is that i found her while i resaerching a school assiment. i want to submet her here, but she is not my creation. i tried getting the original artist permission, but the computer thing says that web site was taken down for some reason. what do you think i should do? the whole picture is about exactlly the same to the artist, just a little differnt color of clothes, hair, and eyes...... please tell me if you have any ideas. k! bai bai for now!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

   eat my words or ill kick your sorry butt!!!!!
???? yeah, i dont know either......lets see, today at school, i got the worst case of the giggles ever!!! i couldnt shut up! and my teachers were all mad at me. i was to hyper to settle down, so i kept on going. and my teacher was all like "blah blah blah!!!!" i was so scared then. i didnt want to get sent out side of anything. but then, my teacher saw that my hyper-activeness got everyone eles going crazy too. so she just gave in and let us do what ever. i brought out my ipod. it was so much fun! ^xx^ yeah! do your teachers ever let you do whatever at times? yeah, thats my question for the day.....
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Friday, April 6, 2007

   yay! ^-^ fun quiz! and gosh, deep love...yay!

What do the Naruto characters think of you? (Detailed results) (Meant for girls) by Phyco101
Favorite color...
Date of birth:
Your name:Mami
Eye color:Black
Hair color:Aqua
Hair lengthChin length
Hair styleFrench-braided!
Naruto...Thinks your cute, but doesn't know how to tell you. He wishes he could tell you, but can't figure out a good way how to.
Sakura...Like the fact that you don't like Sasuke, and you two are close friends! You diss up Ino with ease!
Sasuke...Looks at you when you're on mission with him out of the corner of his eye...and you never notice.
Gaara...He hates the fact that you're loud, annoying, and constantly trying to take his gourd away from him.
Ten-Ten...LOVES the way you always hit your mark with kunai! Is always trying to get tips from you, and you happily give them to her! You two are close friends!
Neji...Loves the way you're so focused on your goal...He always talks to you. Once he even gave you a hug!
Kiba...Thinks you're amazing! Not only are you great with dogs, but you love to hang around him and stir up some trouble! He wants to ask you out so bad, but is too shy!
Ino...Thinks you need to open up! All you do is sit there and nod when you get a mission! SPEAK UP!
Lee...Hates you. You laughed at him, Gai, and said Neji was WAY better than him at EVERYTHING!
Hinata...Thinks you're a bit loud...but that you're really nice. You come and talk to her every now and then, but she usually just nods and says two words. Not that that ever downs your day!
Choji...Is willing to share his chips with you...You took him out to BBQ! He totally loves you for that!
Temari...Hates you...You're too loud. Not only that, but you can't fight for beans!
Kankuro...Loves how good you are at fighting...and you're very graceful at doing it, too! He just wishes you would pay more attention to him...
Kabuto...Respects you. You saw through his lies at the Chunin exams, and had the guts to confront him. He thinks you're a worthy opponent, and wants to fight you some time.
Kakashi...You stole his book and replaced it with an encyclopedia...He hates your guts, girl.
Who you end up with:Naruto
How much they love you:
How much you love them:
How many kids you will have:2
Who's arms you'll die in...Naruto
How it will all end:Accidental death...You mistook a vile of poison for coffee sweetener.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

thanks to all who want me to PM me! i feel special! *hugs self* but i cant stay long on the computer only about 30 minutes each day. (i get on at the libarary.) my dads computer has a virus ~.~ :cry sob: well yeah, but i do answer them, so send me some and ill write them back
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Monday, April 2, 2007

im over at my dads now.....and i have to say....im bored!!! guess what, my dad couldnt pick us up so we went on the bus to his house and each bus was full! every single one! my sister and i had to wait about 6 hours just to get a seat on the bus. how sad is that! anyways i brought my ipod and i forgot to bring the charger...it will die soon ::cry sob:: so like wahtever i guess i still have my youht! (i think thats how you spell it.) i also brought to bring my journal, so i cant draw over here....what the heak am i going to do then!!!! my life is a bore! but oh well who cares??? yeah thats all igot so far but i hope you have a rocking day!
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Saturday, March 31, 2007

   naruto loves me how much!!! ahhh....that all? ::cry sob:: i die on a spike! ^xx^

what type of naruto ninja are you for girls by Temari
Your name
What ninja do you consider yourself most like
how old are you?
who is your fav naruto character
your special justufang over fang
where you wear your headbandlike sakura
your hairstylish updoo
who loves younaruto
how much they love you
who you killshikamaru
who's arms you'll die inzaku
how you dieyou fall on a giant spike

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Friday, March 30, 2007

   im on vaction!!!
im finally on vaction!!! i am so trilled! i cant belive its finally here! ive been waiting for it sences like forever! i am so happy! now i can post daily and comments on sites and stuffs. also lets me draw more! ^xx^ so cool! today was really fun, all we did today was nothing. draw in science, listen to my ipod in math,history,and in L.arts. it was so much fun! i might be going out of town to visit my dad, but ill be online over there! so dont worry! what are you peoples doing???
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

   dont push me cause im close to the edge.......
LOL! sorry about that, i had that song in my head and i had to sing it! i like that movie, its cute. even though the ending was sort of confusing... anyways again im so sorry for not posting everyday. SCHOOL WORK! school work is evil! run! run! flee for your lives, while you still can!!! * i trip and get eating.... o.O * oh yeah! on friday, im getting out of school early and my vaction starts! im so glad about that! no school work to do! yeah thats it.....go eat cheese or something.^-^
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