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Friday, August 24, 2007

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Sigh.... School was such a drag today. It felt as if time was going in slow paste. The stupid clock hanging in every room didnt help me either, I kept looking up at it, and every time I did It seemed to mock me by going even slower!!! I know that is not possible, but whatever. The fact that the dumb ticking every second didnt help my bordom, it only annoyed me!! T.T :sob: But lets not let that bring me down today, Right?! Gots to stay poseitive!! (Thats not who you spell it huh? Its ok, tell me the truth!) But there was one good thing about today! Oh yes! One very good thing indeed!!! Hee hee hee... Sorry, But I cant tell you, It's a sercert. X3 Anywho, I want to thank Sesshomaru22212 for doing exactly what I asked. Commenting on the NaruHina FF!!! So thak you very much!!! ^^ I will try by very best to update it every day, If that is possible. Again I am going to post the disclamiers. I don't want to get sued or anthing! Kay! Here they are!!

1. I am not calling this FF of NaruHina mine.
2. I do not take credit of Naruto or Hinata, that belongs to the creator of this series.
3. This FF belongs to Brant Kogasu on Narutofan fourms.
4. the person who is posting this on their site (he got permission) is Sword Man on Narutofan fourms.
5. If you want to keep this alive comment!!!
6. It contains *NAH NAH* if you know what i mean, so look away children!
7. Hi. :)
8. Enjoy!!

Chap 2!!!!

The night was perfect, even though Hinata fainted in front of Naruto. She was embarrassed about passing out at first but Naruto didn’t even give it any further mention. After he woke her up, Hinata tried to quickly divert his attention by returning to the topic of discussion before he grabbed her hand, ramen. Naruto immediately forgot everything as she walked him down the street to a night time ramen shop on the other end of town.

Naruto was so distracted by the discovery of a new ramen shop that he didn’t even notice the constant shade of red that graced Hinata’s cheeks all night long. As they ate, Naruto mentioned a perverted teacher of his, and how he was going to become the next Hokage, but Hinata kept finding herself drifting off and staring into space. She stared at his cheek, where earlier tonight her lips had been, and she silently sighed in longing to kiss him again.

She was disappointed when the sun came up and she had to go home and sneak in before her father awoke wondering where she was, she wanted the night to last forever. So she stuttered a quick goodbye and ran off towards her home.

The entire remainder of the day was nothing special, just training with Kiba and Shino-kun until lunch, then her personal training with Kurenai sensei in the afternoon. Hinata could have sworn she saw some strange glances from her teacher, and maybe even a soft giggle, but other than that it was a very normal day. She went home, got as much sleep as she could after dinner, then got up silently to do her midnight training.

She went to a waterfall on the outskirts of town where she wouldn’t be bothered and stepped onto the water. She began moving with the flow of the water, letting her soul and her body connect into one being. She created stances, attacks, and blocks that flowed with the water, she spun when it spun, attacked when it splashed. With the help of the water, she had created a style that fit well with her body type, her families famed gentle fist style seemed to foreign to her body and this felt so…right.

But her training was cut short by a dull thud on the back of her neck, the last thing she saw before drifting into unconciousness were two fiery orange and red eyes on a face almost completely covered in black.

* * *

Naruto was able to sleep well that night, he had dreams of the night time ramen shop. It was weird though, because in his dream he left the ramen shop accompanied by a fire bird. And after he paid his bill, he and the bird flew into the night. They were looking for something, but he didn’t know what it was. But the bird kept flying so all Naruto could do was fly and search right alongside him.

They stopped in a forest but when Naruto landed on the ground, the bird was no
where to be seen. It seemed like he stayed there forever, stuck in the forest;, until finally a girls voice called through the trees. “Naruto-kun!” He recognized the voice, was it Sakura-san…no…it was much softer.

At that moment, Naruto snapped himself awake. His heart was pounding as hard as when he fought Sasuke, but why. He looked around his room, there was a man standing in the shadows in the corner of his room. It was so dark that the man looked like a shadow too, except for his burning red and orange eyes. Naruto tried to move but he couldn’t, then he tried to yell for help but his voice wouldn’t make a noise. Those eyes were so frightening that Naruto’s entire body was petrified.

It was the first time in his life that Naruto had felt this much fear, those demon eyes were moving, glowing like fire itself. The eyes glared angrily and the stare bore into his soul, Naruto wanted to scream, but he couldn’t move. He felt so helpless. Then the man began to move slowly closer and closer. By the time he reached naruto, white teath in the shape of an evil grin appeared from the shadow’s face.

Naruto then passed out, it might have been fear, it might have been a strike from the shadow that was faster than Naruto’s eyes could follow, but it didn’t matter. He didn’t dream this time, it was just darkness, fear and darkness. He awoke in a forest, the same forest where the girl had called out to him.

No one was there, Naruto could move again but very clumsily. He stumbled to his feet, then fell over from a lightheaded rush. He felt like he had been drugged, his entire body moved in slow motion and his mind seemed to be in a similar state. So instead of trying to move, he assessed the situation.

He was in a forest he didn’t know, the trees had needles instead of leaves so he assumed he was in the northern mountains. Beyond that he had no idea what to think, all he could feel was fear. There was a small fire in the center of the clearing in which he laid, it was both a gift and a curse, because along with the little illumination it gave him, it also made it impossible to see very far into the shadows beyond the trees.

He remembered a lesson that Kakashi had taught him on one of his missions, it was about the circle of illumination. He had Sakura start a fire in the woods, then he and naruto stood in the shadows and watched her, they were not very far away but Sakura still didn’t seem to notice them. Kakashi explained that this was something called the circle of illumination. Since they were outside of the light looking in, they could see not only everything lit up by the fire, but also everything in the shadows around them because their eyes were adjusted to the dark. But since Sakura’s eyes were adjusted to the light, she could only see things directly lit up by the fire.

He knew that anything beyond the shadows of the trees could easily spy on his without him being any the wiser, and he assumed that was the plan of his attacker as well. He stared suspiciously into the night, trying to regain his body movement by twitching his mucles and bringing them slowly back to life. By the time he had the ability to walk over to the fire to put it out, it was already dying down to smoking embers and the suns rays were coloring the sky a light shade of blue.

Morning was here, and Naruto didn’t want to stick around to find out what the demon eyed ninja had in store for him. He jumped into the trees and was immediately shot back. He must have set up a barrier around this whole place, He looked down at his now scorched clothes, a fire barrier. After hitting the barrier, Naruto was paralyzed again, but this time from pure pain. He drifted into unconsciousness from the excruciating pain, his mind was shutting down automatically. Oh well, that fox will heal me by the time I wake up, he always does.


by the way, is my site making you hungry yet?!?! LOL

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

MakeMS.com - Your MySpace Resource

Wow, It has been a while sence I updated, Hasnt it? well sorry about that, me starting school and all has kept me away for quit some time now. But I do visit your sites every chance that I get! So dont say that i never swing by to say Hi anymores, cause I do!! anyways, I started school this Monday, on the 20th to be exact. I couldn't belive summer vaction went by so fast! It was like one minute school work, the bell rings and now you are a free bird, then your alram clock goes off to let you know school starts. Eh...can't I just push the snooze botton? Well starting school isn't that bad I guess, it keeps me busy. In fact, I get so busy that I no longer have time to talk to anyone here on theO! :gasp!: OoO I hate you school....Can you belive that my best friend has no classes with me?!?! Thats so sad! I guess it is time for new friends! Again,....I got a little to much hyper about posting, that I didn't feed my Doggies...be right back...[insert entertaning music here]....ok, anywhow, I found this really great FF or NaruHina that i thought my fellow otakus might enjoy reading. Before i start posting this, I want to say alot of disclamiers....
1. I am not calling this FF of NaruHina mine.
2. I do not take credit of Naruto or Hinata, that belongs to the creator of this series.
3. This FF belongs to Brant Kogasu on Narutofan fourms.
4. the person who is posting this on their site (he got permission) is Sword Man on Narutofan fourms.
5. If you want to keep this alive comment!!!
6. It contains *NAH NAH* if you know what i mean, so look away children!
7. Hi. :)
8. Enjoy!!

This Fanfic is not my its a friends his name on the Narutofan fourm is Brant Kogasu.
Enjoy this is one of my favs FF

well, here's chapter 1:

The rain poured down on Naruto’s head, the icy cold water gave him a headache, but that didn’t matter. He was standing on the top of his apartment, he watched the town of Konoha through the thick blanket of rain. The lights of nightlife seemed blurry, it was probably the downpour, but it felt to Naruto more like the beginning of a dream. He watched until he began to notice his body shivering, then he went back inside.

His room was dark and cold, not as cold as outside, but enough to see his breath in front of his face. But the reason Naruto preferred the storm outside was because out there was the town of Konoha, with people everywhere, but in his room there was only loneliness. He couldn’t count how many times he’d dreamt of a cold, rainy night like this, except in his dreams, Sakura kept him warm. She would be in her sleeping clothes, as would Naruto, and they would huddle together under his blankets whispering in eachother’s ears about how warm it was when they were together.

Naruto smiled at the thought, but the smile soon faded as the reality of his silent room jumped back into his sight. He decided that this loneliness was too much to handle tonight, so he left to see if there was a late night ramen shop somewhere in the blur of lights downtown. He grabbed his bright orange clothes, his forehead protector, and his frog purse and ran from the apartment in a hurry.

As he ran down the street, mud splashed the bottom of his pants, dampening them and numbing the bottoms of his feet. He didn’t have to run, but running made him feel better about the night. Maybe it was the way everything went past him so fast and kept him alert, or maybe it made him feel like what he was doing had purpose and that he was needed, it didn’t matter either way.

He slowed down when he saw some ANBU members jump onto a rooftop nearby, he didn’t want to draw unneeded attention to himself. He was close to the lights now, he was in the bloodline district, at least that was Naruto’s title for the part of town where the clans congregated. They were only there because that was where the mansions were built, Naruto could never imagine the life-styles in the huge houses, he had spent his whole life in a tiny one-room apartment with one window.

Finally he reached the lights, he didn’t see any ramen shops open, the Ichiraku was closed as well, so he just found a spot beneath an awning that was free of rain and closed his eyes. He must have fallen asleep, but not for very long because he awoke to the warm touch of skin on his cheek and the sky was still dark and rainy. Naruto slowly regained his bearings, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, yawned and stretched before gazing at whoever woke him up. To his great surprise, Hinata sat a few feet from him, her face bright red and her mouth quickly stumbling over the words “I’m sorry” over and over again.

* * *

Hinata was staring out of her window, the rain was pouring, mirroring her mood. She wanted to sneak outside tonight to train in the waterfall. But if she was found drenched from head to toe and sneezing from a cold, her father would probably find out about her nightly wanderings and put an abrupt end to them. She sighed, looked at the muddy street, watched as the raindrops bounced off of the puddles, and rested her head on her hand.

I wonder what Naruto is doing, she thought to herself, she dared not speak her thoughts in fear of awaking a family member. It’s not that she would be in trouble, it was just that she wanted to be comforted in the dark quiet of her room. She must have stayed like that for hours, watching the streets until a blur of orange snapped her back from her trance.

What is Naruto doing up this late? She mused over the idea of him looking for her, that was nothing but a dream though. He was running, I wonder if he’s okay, maybe I should find out. She got up from her bed, silently dressed herself in her coat and pulled up the floorboards to reveal her normal nightly escape route.

She ran after him and watched him look around at the lights, he walked over to his favorite ramen shop, but it was closed, so he just sat next to a building and fell asleep. Hinata hoped her wasn’t getting hypothermia, she waited for a while but he never re-opened his eyes. Fueled by her worry for him, she ran from her hiding place to see if he was alright.

She tried talking to him, but he never woke up, so she finally built up the courage to touch him. She reached her hand out, she was going to grab his jacket but her heart was pounding at the sight of his cute rosy red cheeks with the whisker scars and she accidentally touched his cheek. Her heart was pounding in her ears as her hand remained on his cheek, he didn’t wake up. She was frozen, she was probably bright red with embarrassment, but it felt so good to feel Naruto’s skin on her fingertips.

Time slowed down and the rain disappeared from her mind, the world was filled with only her and her blonde-haired, blue eyed icon. She was so enveloped in the moment that she barely noticed the nudge on her back that moved her face nearer to Naruto’s. Before she noticed, her lips were touching where her hand was just a moment before.

Sitting up quickly and closing her eyes, she began repeating sorry over and over. “Sorry about what Hinata.” Naruto’s blue eyes stared at her half-open, he was blinking slowly, the last remnants of sleep’s soothing song disappearing to make way for the hush of the rain. “What are you doing here, it’s late.”

She blushed again, kissing you in your sleep, but she couldn’t tell naruto the truth. “Um…I…I was getting some…milk.” It was a terrible lie and she knew it, but somehow, he fell for it.

“That’s cool, I was going to get some ramen but everything’s closed,” He closed his eyes in a moment of thought, he smiled “Hey, you live around here right, do you know anywhere I could get ramen this late at night.” She nodded, she really did know a place but she wasn’t really replying to his question, she was brought back into a trance from the thought of her lips on his cheek.

“Alright let’s go!” He grabbed her hand to help her up and Hinata began to faint, he’s holding my hand, he’s holding my hand, he’s holding my hand!!!! And with that, she fell to the ground unconscious.


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Saturday, August 18, 2007

OMG!!!! thats the same as my icon!!! I guess that really is me....

Create your own anime character!(girls only) by animeangel13
Anime nameNami
anime age14
type of animeDrama
your roleThe boss
your wepona syhthe
your quote"your point..?"

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jessi and Sasuke!!!!!
hey jessi, I cant Pm you anymore, your box is full. Until you delete some of it, I cant send you anything. which is just what happened with my other Otaku buddy supersaiyanjounin. Hi supersaiyanjounin!!!! she just came back from Hawaii and I am so glad to see her again. thats it really....oh, that and the fact that I can no longer submit anymores art..... my computer keeps turning everything into Bmn format or something. So until i figure out how to put back as normal format, I will not be submitting anything. Sorry.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Spider-pig, Spider-pig, Does what ever a Spider-pig does...
LLH! sorry about that, it was pretty random I know, I just found it funny at this moment right now. ..... o.O yeah, Im werid..... Good to see so many site updates today! I mean yesterday, there was like zero!! Gosh dane it! But hey, I know.... I get it. We all have better things to do... That or we were to lazy to post anything. Me? I was to lazy. ^-^ Anywho, whats new? For me, nothing, just the same boring life I live in.....(ohhhh sounds emo !!) xD oh, wait I remember something now! On Saturday, I went to barns and Nobles and got two magnas!! YAY!!!! Lets see, I wanted to get part two of Vampire Knight, but they were all gone! T.T :cries: so instead, I ended up getting Ultra Manic voulme 3 and Skip beat volume 2. I kept laughing durring both reads. But, Skip Beat had me laughing a little bit more, while Ultra Manic had me saying things like "Awwww...hes so cute!!!", "You Idiot!!! Cant you tell he likes you?!", and "Ohhh.....a cliff hanger....". Yeah, things like that. So, enough with my boring yesterday and week end... What did you do over the week?

1. Which day of the week is your most favorite?
2. Why?
3. Does buying new manga or watching anime get you wanting to draw or write or something? Does it inspire you in any way?
4. DO YOU Have any questions to ask me?

ok! thats it! hope you answer my questions! Have an anwesome day everyone! *huggles*

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Friday, July 20, 2007

hello peoples!! *waves*
sup peoples? yes, yes, :nods: you are all my peoples......JUST KIDDING!!! ^-^ anywhow I changed my site theme if you noticed. Its Zero from Vampire Knight, isn't he awesome!!! :drools all over self: er...well....I've updated new art if you all would be so kind to check it out. Heres the link.

Yumi My Way

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

thank you very much!!! Have a great, awesome, ninja, vampire filled day!!!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thanks for all the support everyone!!! I am extermly (is that spelled right? oh well...) greatful for such awesome friends here on theO. Im alright now, and I know that my grandfather will always be here with me. So thanks again!!!! I loves ya lots! HUGS AND KISSES!!!
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I havent been posting in a while. WHY? because I HATE you all!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! just kidding. The real reason is because I guess I am feeling a little sad that My grandpa pasted away a few days ago......*crys in corner*.......I am ok....really......
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Monday, July 9, 2007


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Sunday, July 8, 2007

I got this letter from Inoccent Hearts site
She found a letter that a person wrote.
I can't belive this Bastered who wrote the letter wants to ban anime

The letter:
To: George Bush

Here in America, we live in a climate of moral decay. What is the cause of this? It is called "anime". Anime is a perverse, evil, insiduous form of animation from the dark land of Japan, and is corrupting America's youth at unprecedented rates. Here are a few examples of anime which are circulating on the Internet and may very well be in your home:

1) Ah My Goddess: A sick and disgusting show which causes children under the age of 18 to think they are capable of love. The main female character is clearly under 18, and is forced into a romantic relationship by an older man who "wishes" for her to be his girlfriend forever. He even KISSES her, and she appears NAKED. That poor girl must be so confused.

2) Love Hina: I'm not even going to mention the unspeakable, disgusting, pedophilic, pornograhpic events which transpire during this show, but suffice it to say, groups of young men on Love Hina-fueled rampages are raping children at a level unheard of since the 60s.

If you are a parent or a decent human being, I urge you to sign this petition to ban all forms of anime in the United States. Anyone who is found in possesion of anime should be arrested and jailed for an exhorbant period of time. Anime is a dark scourge upon our beautiful nation, and we don't need this Japanese filth corrupting the hearts of the children.

As a resonsible Christian, I demand to see this garbage removed from our nation. Please sign this petition and send it to George Bush, your Congressman, and the makers/distributors of anime filth and depravity.

Do the right thing.


The Undersigned

I can't belive this. So much of that stuff
is so not true.
If anime is so bad then why wound it be in amarica in the first place. Why the hell would it anime be on childrens chanels if it was so bad. This lady has the wrong idea.
I agree with Inoccent Heart
the stuff in this letter is not true
but I would not worry about them banning anime'
I heard about this a few years ago if anime was so bad it would be banned a long time ago.
The President has so much more importent things to worry about. This person who wrote this letter sounds racist. Banning anime is so rediulas.

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