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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I just took two of the hardest test ever(1) and failed!!!

Er.... well not really, but it did work my mind a little bit. haha

Point of this short story (lol) I have to study nows! Rawr! So I dont think I can be on and chat with all of you wonderful Otaku friends! :,(

Ill try to get to all of your pages though! Thats a promise!

Um... blah blah blah..... haha I started a comic.. My first! *Lunasatrz is so pround* ^xx^ lol So please take a look at that. Its only a cover page, but still! Please do! haha

Oh snap.... Chunnin exams are comming up... oppss.. (NNG club)

IDK... Random post. Let me hear you if your still trying to keep MyOtaku alive! WHOOTTT!!!!


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hola mis amigos! LOL The effects of Spanish Class. xD Wow, I cant believe that summer is going to be over soon, I start another year of High School next late month. Witch means my time on here will be limited. My mother is already bugging me that I’m on here to much, but if you really think about it, I’m hardly ever on! The longest I’ve ever been online so far this summer break was 4-5 hours, and it wasn’t even 4-5 hours straight. Gah…..Don’t you hate when parents are all over your head with rules and stuff even though you’re a good kid who isn’t doing drugs, drinking, or looking up porn on the net? I seriously don’t do any of those things, and if you value your life, you wouldn’t do them either. Seriously! Don’t! Prison is evil! Plant a tree! Save the Polar Bears! Global Warming! >0<

Wow. Random opening…..o-O But whatever. Yesterday my update box seemed to be having a hard time, because I couldn’t see anything. It was completely blank. I apologize if I didn’t come around your site, e-cared, fan art, wallpaper, or comic last night to comment. *Bows* I’ll make sure to do it today, so if you updated and want my comment, please tell me what you updated in the box below this post.

Speaking of updates, how do you all like my new theme?! ^=w=^ I’ve been really into Ouran High School Host Club lately, so I decided to change my theme. But as I keep looking at it, everything matches a little to perfect. Is it to much? I have no idea really, I think it looks really cute, but then again….*Glances again* the cuteness of it all burns! My eyes! They burn! *Stares at Hikaru* Oh wait….HELLO SEXY! Lol Sparkle is probably going to hurt me for stealing her man. Haha, but I cant help it! He’s just to cute! Even though his twin brother Kaoru owns the exact same face. Well Kaoru is someone I dare not to touch, he belongs to SSJ and she’ll bite my head off! @-@ Kidding…..mostly….lol. But hey, I live the life of a Fan Girl. What can I say? xP

Damx…*Slams scanner with fist* I cant get my scanner to work. It just died on me somehow. Its fairy new so it shouldn’t have crashed on me, so why is it not working? *Hits it again and it catches on fire* OMGZ! &@%#! o0o So until further notice, all of my fan art, gifts, and entries for contest are all on hold. Gah…I feel so bad about it too. I still have to get my entry for my friend’s contest up, because I promised I would, but then my scanner broke down. And the dead line is really soon. Curse yhee technical difficulties! *Shakes fist angrily in the air* So again, I apologize. *Bows*

Whoot! I got tagged! A VERY long time ago that I forgot who it was that I got tagged by! But I’m pretty sure that it was Stixx…..I think…. Haha! ^xx^ I assume everyone here already knows the rules, so I’ll just go straight to my random facts of justice!

1.) I brought the game “Tag” back to MyO. After a long 5 minutes of being bored and silently staring at my computer screen, it just came to me. So please don’t hate me everyone! *Dodges trash you throw at me* I was just Bored! Keep me entertained if you don’t want this game back online, by Pming me or something! IDK my Bff ROSE!

2.) I went shopping for school clothes yesterday, with my mother. It would have been my friends, but they aren’t going to pay for anything. Lol I loves me mommies…anyways…She sent me away to my section, and left to hers. I just stood there looking at the passing people and racks. Holly Cow….what the heck do I do? Hahaha! I just have to be the worse shopper ever! I hate shopping, and I’m a girl! So I just walked up and down the clothes allies thingies and glanced at whatever was in front of me. If something happened to catch my eye, I would quickly pick it up, grab my size, throw it in the basket/bag thingie and move on. If there is one thing I hate is when girls do this…. “OMG…..I LOVE this shirt! OMG! I Love this shirt too! OMG! But I like it better in this color! Omg! Where’s my size! OMG!” Kill me already….pick a stupid shirt and continue with your OMG life! Haha…I cant stand girly girls like that…..grr….even though it is said that people think of me as preppy. Am I really preppy? O-o

3.) I’m a dinosaur….Rawr…

4.) I keep a journal with my best friend. It has random things about everything that goes on in our lives, school and other important stuff. There is never bad mouthing anyone in there though, we just started it not to long ago, so its mostly lame and random thoughts. Oh, and we use code names for everyone who is mentioned in there, that way if someone found it and read it, every secret it contained would be safe. Even though it has no secrets….lol

5.) The journal has a name. His name is Shark-Bait-Oooh-Aah-Aah, from Finding Nemo! Haha.xD Reason being? It has little blue sharks everywhere. I bought it at the Vans store for 15 dollars. It also came with two pencils and a folder that matched! Yay! Oh, those 2 pencils got jacked from me too…T^T :Sob: I miss you pencils!

6.) There is a heck of funny joke that I need to post on here, but I forgot where I saw it at. ….Worst memory EVER!

7.) I was happy when my guy friend broke up with his girlfriend. He made her happy, and as did she (I think…), but I felt crazy vibes from that girl! She gave me death stares every time I said hi to him. WTFrench Toast?! She and I used to be friends back in the day! (Middle school) So why does she care that he ditched her to hug me? She got the guy! Well…she HAD the guy….I think they are both lonesome right now….anyways…she was the weirdo type who hated all of his girl (notice this space) friends, so he had to break up with her. But he’s clinging onto me now…Awaking love? Lolz x3 Phrased borrowed from Host Club. Told yeah I was really into it! Haha

8.) I loves you all for reading this fact! *huggles*

And now…to tag people……dun dun dun!!! If you own a MyOtaku page, don’t worry, you’re safe. I’m going after the WORLD users today! Bwahahaha! Lol *Dances to Shake It by Metro Station* Haha! Awesome song! >w< *The guy in fact 7 is an teen version of the singer of this song! Haha! He’s really cute! But Im ssssoooooo not into him. Or am I? Awaking Love? Lolz HOST CLUB!* Random ending….Oh, If your tagged, its because you updated your WORLD today. Haha. So watch out!

Random ending to this post: A quote by Kyle Hebert

“…Evil is sexy.”

Lolz Oh so true. ^xx^

Awaking Love? I love that phrase! TamakixHaruhi! TamakixHaruhi! xD

Until the next post! *waves*


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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello there friends of My Otaku! I just came back from my vaction at Cancun and Im so glad to be back! Cancun is just a beautiful sight, and I got to do so many cool things! Oh wow, I went snorkling in the ocen with the coral beds full of fish, and it was crazy! Imagine yourself floating over the world of Finding Nemo! Thats how it was! It was so much fun! Or picture the best picture you have EVER seen of the coarl reef in a magazine or on TV. Then place yourself in it. xD I cant even begin to tell you how it was! On, but there was huge fish that kept hitting me as it swam by and I panicked (lame person here. I see Jaws to much...xD) I paniched that I now freak out when something under water is comming at me with full force! Haha! But that fish was huge! and it felt slimly and scaly! But I wouldnt change my trip and exerince in the water for anything. ^-^

Oh yeah! I got tagged by Lunalei! So here I go....

1) post these rules
2)each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3)tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4)at the end of these post 8 more ppl r tagged and named
5)to tag go to another persons page and tell them there taged

and the random facts are....

1. Im watching Pokemon right now...yeah I like the classics! haha xD
2. I count down the days until my birthday about a month before my month of birth.
3. I HATE taking pictures...I would rather be the one takeing them then be the one in it.
4. I cant turn on a skateboard......so much for a skater
5. I freak out at the sight of bees, but when other people freak out, Im so calm around it...werid.... o.O
6. I like eating my pancakes with Jam rrather then syurp.
7. I dont know what to put for number seven
8. I am all for Yaoi and Yuri. (Yuri, not so much, but Yaoi heck yeah!)

and now the people I tag......hum....

-Anime snow girl
-Invader Rev
-spreading wings

haha! Im sorry if I tagged you and you dont like this game. ^-^ My deepest apoliges then.

Oh join the ninja club yo! and here is the new club song rap! Straight from the heart of SandLover13 who represents Shukaku in the club! So join YO! xD

Yo there's a place called the Ninja Club
It's betta than a train, sled, or sub
You go on missions, post things, and chat
Ya know this is the right place to be at

Look out otaku, the fun's about to begin
(The gang's all here, the gang's all here)
So C'mon everybody, Just jump on in!
(The gang's all here, the gang's all here)
Don't stand right there you bub
(The gang's all here, the gang's all here)
C'Mon and join the ninja club!
(The gang's all here, the gang's all here)

Verse 1:

Minato, the Hokage, Is the nin we all know
The Yondaime gave us missions to go, go, go
Sakura made a sister site that everyone loves
She's an ANBU at heart, as graceful as doves
Sasuke's a Genin and so is Kakashi
The other ANBU are Konan and Tobi
Sasori and Naruto are both Chunin
Yamato and Neji are also Genin



Verse 2:
Deidara is the only one in the Akatsuki
And all the rest might be students see:
Obito, Itachi, & Madara Uchiha
Pakkun, Haku, & my host, Gaara
Sai, Hinata, & Akamaru
We can't forget Hidan and Orochimaru
Tsunade, Kabuto, and Kushina
Rock Lee, Tenten, and Hina


Verse 3:
Hanabi and Anko, Shizune and Kiba
Shikamaru, Chiyo, and Iruka
Genma, Yugao, and Jiraiya
Kin, Kurenai, and Tayuya
The last of the girls is Ayame and Rin
The last boys are Sakumo, Kimimaru, and Pein
The 2 very Biju legends is Kyuubi
And last but not least Shukaku, that's me!

Peace on earth, OUT!

haha! Isnt that great! I spazzed out when I read this! It rocks! So? Whant to join now?

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Whoo! No scroll box today!
Whoo-hoo! Today is Sunday, June 21st! Oh yeah! Tonight is anime night! Anyways….How was everyone’s week? I hope it went well. I hate it when the week goes by and all you can say about it is “Eh? Okay I guess…”. Well this week was full of surprises for me. None that really matter in my existence or will stop global warming, but still. LOL But I want to thank some people first. *Clears throat* New friends of MyOtaku! I thank you from the very depth of my heart! Thank you for commenting on my last post that is over a week old, (It truly is) and for updating your sites daily! Without dedicated members like yourself, MyOtaku would be a bunch of memories lost behind the WORLDS of TheOtaku! You know who you are! *Round of Applause* You rock yo! Thank you for your support on MyO! Whooooo!!!!! ^0^-b

Let me sum up my boring life in Pe for you all…..

Mon- Running.
Tues- More running
Wed- Walking! (Oh yeah! Best day this week so far)
Thru- More running….oh joy -_-
Fri- Walking for about an hour and then watching a movie for the last 3 hours! Best day we ever had! It was also my last day of summer school! I decided to take one semester ( 3 weeks of SS ) instead of taking both. ( 6 weeks of SS ). Besides, I am going to Cancun next week and I am afraid that I will be missing out on more than 3 days and be dropped. Which means I don’t get my points for that class. Which means it was pointless to go at all for the first 3 weeks! Which means, I have to take it in school! T-T :sob: See, that is why I only took one semester. Smart huh? Not really I am ehretarded. Yeah, yeah, I know. LMAO

Another surprise to me was that my rank in SSJ’s ninja club ( If you want to join this club, please Pm or leave a comment down below ) went up! Yay! I am now an ANBU! Oh yeah! I get a pretend tattoo for the ANBU squad! HAHA ^xx^ Right now, MagicRinger and I are at the same rank and are the secondest highest from the hokageness herself. Seriously join people. You’ll be glad you did! And we have been getting new members right and left that I cant keep up with it! The slide show I have really, really, REALLY, needs to be updated. I think I am about 12 members behind. Ooppss…. To any members who are reading this, thank you for being really great and helping my Sakura HeadQuaters site reach over 1,500 views since it was first created. You rock too yo! Any new members who still need to be added in the slide show, be patient please! A girl can only do so much! ( Especially if she forgets @-@ ) Worst assistant to the Hokage ever….eh….

Magicringer’s contest ended yesterday, and she will be announcing the winners today. I hope I have a chance at winning this! I mean, there were a lot of other kawaii entries! Oh her contest was to draw her Oc Okihi in any style or way you wanted. And I made my entry all spiky like. It looks like this.

http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/254351/magicringer%3A_okihi_contestSo what do you think? Do you think I have a shot at winning this? If so, I hope your right!

Well …. Guess what….. I’ve been tagged! I didn’t think this game was still played anymore, but being Tagged is fun. So yeah, here are the rules and stuff. ( If you didn’t already know them )
1) post these rules
2)each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3)tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4)at the end of these post 8 more ppl r tagged and named
5)to tag go to another persons page and tell them there taged


And my 8 random facts of me in 3.…2.…1.…0...

1. I trip on air out of no where because I forget how to walk. And I am not making this up! True Story!
2. I like the taste of Pickle Juice. It taste bomb!
3. I’m Mexican and cannot write in Spanish to save my life.
4. I’m relevantly short. I’m only about 5’2” Not the tallest of peoples….yeah…--__--
5. I sometimes throw my cell phone at my wall to see if it survives. And so far it has! No scratches on it at all…like whoa…super phone.
6. I don’t even know my own cell phone number…
7. I know basic French and didn’t even take a French class. I learned by listening to my friends practice it.
8. When I buy mangas, I have to buy an even number of them ( usually 2) or else I feel awkward with an odd number of books.

And now…..for the people I shall tag….BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I loves mes thee power! XD

A wit 2
Anime snow girl
Spreading wings

And Thank you for reading this very long post! I am going to end its life here so you can comment and move on to another MyO Home page. ^-^ *Runs this post over with a tractor* There! Nows it ends! Until next time my friends!


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ow ow ow ow ow!!!! For those who know I am taking Pe in summer school. I somehow twisted or pulled a muscle. It hurts me so bad that I didn’t even go to school today. I really wanted to go too! Not because I enjoy running around a huge track like crazy under a hot and blazing sun each day, but because if I don’t go another day, I will be dropped! All of that hard week of sweat for nothing! T-T So even if I have to drag myself to go tomorrow, or fake that I’m alright to my mother, I will! There is nothing that is going to keep me away from that field of despair! That just makes it sounds afoul! Oh how I hate summer school….but I rather do it now then do it in school. Oh, my friend fractured her leg on Friday, and now she is on crutches. The reason being : she tripped on a hole in the running field. I think she should sue the school, but she doesn’t want too or something. I mean if it was me who tripped and fractured my leg for running on a unsafe field, I wouldn’t have a second thought! That just goes to show you how dangerous it can be…..whoa….I did play with her crutches though….it was fun….but I don’t know how to use them…LOL I looked like big bird crossed with an ape! Well at least that is what my friend in a cast said. Oh how cruel the world can be sometimes! But no! I shall stay strong! :cries: Oh, also I found that some of my friends are having a hard time changing their avis to match their theme. So I am going to help you out! Yay! myotaku.com/account/picture and there! It should change it for you there! Whoot! Problem fixed! You are all very welcomed! LOL hum….my slide show is having difficulties working, I wonder why. When I tried to fix it, nothing went wrong. Yet it still doesn’t show what I want it to show. Its just being evil to me….*Throws rock at slide show* You big meanine head! XP Nyah! I should probably get going and see if I can get the next chapter of my story with SSJ completed. No problems with that, my leg hurts so chances are I am just going to be sitting down anyways….I just hope it can get better soon! I need to go back to school and learn about PE stuff! Even though I really do not care much about it. Okay…..truth is, I do not care at all…. ^xx^ but whatever. Yeah….
Bai Bai! Until the next post! JOIN THE NINJA CLUB!!!!


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Monday, June 9, 2008

It feels so good to sit! Sounds weird huh? LOL Yup just came back from a long and tiresome day at Summer School Pe with the temperatures at 102 degrees and rising. Well at least the AC in my house is on! Oh thank God! And later I might just call over some good friends of mine to go swimming in the pool I have in the backyard. Whoot! ^0^ Today my bff rose (xD lol) StrawberryFairy and I went over to talk with a really good friend of ours we haven’t talked with in such a long time, and the strange feeling of someone staring at you crawled all over our skin. WTH! I do not even know who or why that person was staring. It had to be a freshman who knows nothing about our random and premo look/personality, or someone who is crushing on one of us, or someone who hates our gutts. But I don’t hating our guts is why we got an awkward stare/vibe that suddenly came out of no where because everyone we talk to likes us. They say we are “cute” like cupcakes. LOL I have no idea why they say that, but yeah sure whatever….we’ll go with it! LLH Oh oh!!! Sasuke-kun was looking at me today! Oh yeah! I think he recognizes me now, but not to sure from where….I just want to stick a sticker on his forehead that says “property of Jackie and Bianca.” ^0^ lol oh yeah that would be the day! HaHaHa! I think my other friend thinks he’s cute too, but IDK if she thinks more then that. But I can really careless if she thinks that, because you cant fight the truth! That boy is smexy!!! LOL I sound like a freakin fan girl. *Pulls our finger gun and aims at my head. Pulls the trigger to my finger gun and kills the fan girl inside of me.* Oh wow….I hate when I turn fan girl/preppy….it feels weird….like whoa…..Well anyways, me likie thee cows and thee chickens! Which reminds me, for a while at Pe, we had to do some funny looking stretches and exercises that made you look like you had to use the bathroom, a headless chicken, and as if you were drunk. It was fun to do and funny to watch! LMAO So yeah…..now I think I shall go and sign other peoples guestbook (the ones who update anyways) and Pm some of my friends randomly! Bai Bai And I bet hardly anyone cares that I posted….T-T I feel loved…..


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Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh imagine….if MyOtaku became more popular than TheOtaku just as it was back in the past. Imagine that. :sigh: Its been a long while since I last posted on MyO. A long over a month or two. Yeah…that was a long while. LOL I guess it is because no one seems to update these anymore or stops to signs others guest books that made the MyO link disappear from your favorite section. Well I am going to try my hardest to become one of those people who are trying to bring the MyO world back to life! Breathe MyO! Breathe! LOL Oh wow…..yeah, so random…me likie the cows….x3 Gah…I haven’t really been Pming friends or updating my Sakura HeadQuaters site for the members of SSJ’s ninja club. And for that I apologize. School ended for me last month, on the 29th to be exact, and well you would think I would have loads of time to complete everything I wish to complete here on TheO and MyO, but oh are you wrong…Summer School. Those evil words have me hurting so badly! Why? PE summer school. Trying to get it our of the way for next year of High School, I decided to take it. And it is Hexx! T-T!! :sob: for 4 hours, 4 long and painful hours I have to deal with meanest teacher that ever walked the halls of GVHS! (That’s my school ^-^) Seriously….that man is cruel. He has made girls cry in the past before. Its so harsh I don’t think I will be able to take much more of him. I just feel like going inner Sakura on him! LOL A small joke to those who know me as Haruno, Sakura in the Ninja Club! LOL Oh wow…that was corny…LLH. Let me explain how PE is in my shoes are……

FIRST HOUR: running like you’re some super hot anime guy and millions of fan girls are at your heels. Dare to stop any time within that hour, and the rest of the class gets punished by doing pushups or an extra 5 minutes of running.
SECOND HOUR: run some more. Only this time, you are able to walk. Well run/walk. You must get a certain number of big dogs (Miles are called big dogs at our school because we are the home of the Bulldogs……craxxy mascot huh? lol) to pass for the day. Well at least the sprinklers get turned on once in awhile. So lets run through them while they’re on!!!!! I really do that! LOL
15 MINTUE BREAK: thank you god…..we love you. This is heaven! It feels go--…..!?! *bell rings* Wait what?! That’s it?!
THRID HOUR: Playing a sport inside the gym! Second best part….I get to be in a room where the AC is on! YAY! But the balls keep hitting me on the head! I got hit on the head with 2 different types of balls 3 times in the last 2 days. T-T Yuss I know….Ball magnet….. :sob:
FOURTH HOUR: class work……yes. Classwork for PE. Outside in the hot sun! WTH! And I didn’t bring a pencil! I had to use a crayon that I found on the ground! And it looked to be chewed! Whaaaa!!!! Worst part yet….I still have 5 more weeks of this…..

Well…..I must say, even though it hurts me to reread this post on MyO. It does look good! I took forever looking for am avi to match this kawaii background! I just adore Death Note! And Near, Mello, and Matt are all super awesome! And them together is just so yeah! LLH Be still my beating heart! LOL Oh! I made some cool new freshmen buddies today! YAY! I just want to have one certain freshman to be my friend. He just is so great. I used to have him for a class in church, and he was my best friend there. But now I don’t think he remembers me. He turned out so different form then. Even though I am a year older than he is, I cant help but like him. Hes so nice! Sigh…..yes….it is SASUKE-KUN for those who knows about him. He really looks like him now. Same Emo Hair. Likes to flip it when in his face. Very good at sports aka ninja stuff xD LMAO. (Even though he doesn’t play on a team). Dresses emo/punk.skater/rocker/ well hes just different and stands out. And the best part is…..well Idk the best part…I just hope I can talk with him. He was my friend in the past, so why is it so hard for me to just say hi to him now? I have issues…..and counseling wont help. (No I don’t need counseling…I was just trying to make a point….) Yeah…This post seems to be getting long…so I will end it now……



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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tee Hee Hee! Its Obito! <3
oh yeah, my page is so rocking Obito! Look how awesome he is! *insert fangirl squeal here*


okay....fangirl moment over. First of all, I want to apaligize to everyone on the way I acted on the last post. If you have no idea, get informed! by just clicking on the Archives button! Yuss!

Second, Im so sorry Sasuke-kun. You were going to be my theme, but then Obito came up on Google and so yeah....

Third, I really dont know. Just go run around in cirlces! Yuss! xD

Oh, one more thing, has anyone heard from the Hokageness lately? I havent, so just wondering....

Did you read the goldfish toast thing? LOL that is what happens when I get bored. I give out werid missions! LLH x3


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Saturday, April 12, 2008

whada whada whada..... I am so fusterated right now you dont even know the half of it! Gah!!!! Im so sorry for ranting this out on you, but truth is, no one comes by to even check to see if Im alive anymore! So whatever, chances are no one is going to see if I even posted. The stupid slide show I spent so long working on to make it look good only plays one picture now...its so sad!
Even though that one picture is a smexy Sasuke, but still! It gets me fusterated that it wont work and I spent forever on it! I want to go cry about it, even though Im to much of a stubern person to cry about anything. I usely just deal with things on my own but this is biting at me ans I hate it! Ok,,,,ive wasted your time. (even though no one really cares...) so Im leaving Otaku for a while...well myotaku that is...I still have sakura HeadQuaters to run and keep in order. Blah Blah Blah....whada whada....

*crawls under rock and dies somewhere*

blah! xP

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

First time I've updates in WEEKS! It feels like forever since I've last logged in here. And I miss all of my friends! T-T :sob:

Well, Anyways.....

I have a new site on the new Otaku Vibrant. Well I should say WORLD actually. Its called sakura's HeadQuaters! Its all about Naruto and the Ninja club Im in. Please join if you already havent! There's a contest comming soon! *gasp* I wasnt suppose to tell anyone yet...opps...oh well. I also made a banner thingie, but I'm having trouble with it staying on the site the way I want it too. So if anyone could help me out alittle bit, I would really apprercaite it!

The banner/slide show/whatever you want to call it is down below where the quizzes go.

For some strange reason, It doesnt want to show on the Sakura Wolrd. And Ive tried everything I can think of! So if anyone who knows about this sort of thing please PM me...I would be so happy!

Oh, Im slowly getting around to subcribing people...so it might be a few days before I get the time to subcribe everyone here on my friends list. But worry not! I will! If you havent already, may you please Subscribe me too? It'll be easier to find me that way! And come on people! Im awesome! LOL

Okay I think thats it.

Oh Do you like my new theme? Tee Hee what a cute chibi!


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