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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tagged x2
OMFG! I gots tagged! TWICE! Sooo...I guess that this makes it 16 facts. I got tagged by FUNimation and by someone else. I forgot who it was since I deleted the message without looking at the person's name. My bad. lol
Okays then. Here we go 16 FACTS!

1) I weigh 90lbs. MEh....I think I'm about average for 12 besides I'm trying to work it off.

2) I'm 5'2 or 5'3

3) My shoe size ranges from 4 to 6 or maybe it was 5 1/2.

4) I'm going into 8th grade instead of 7th because I skipped a grade

5) I'm not a hardcore catholic but I'm a strict believer in christ and god and the virgin mary

6) I like chemistry

7) When my mom tells me to wear a dress or skirt I always hafta try and wear a pair of knee-hi socks and pants underneath

8) Once I swallowed a nickel then puked it back up

9) I make paper dolls, cut them out, and pretend that they're talking to me example: me: so how's your day ichigo? Ichigo: Why the hell you asking me stupid? ME: cause i have no one else to talk to Ichigo: Well It started off when you just drew me on a piece of paper and- HEY!! WTF Are you doing?!?! ME: *rips* Now I don't like to talk to ichi-kun anymore so away with you.

10) I believe that cats can fly and dogs can rap if they tried hard enough

11) I am a target for tagging on DA. Even random people came to tag me on DA...o_O

12) Hard core Poke-tard all the way FOREVER unless it one day becomes a law that you can't like pokemon anymore but I'd still remember

13) I use a ruler to scratch my back when I can't reach a really itchy spot on my back cause I don't like using a back scartcher


15) I used to believe in the religion of Buddihism ut my family canverted when we moved to america

16) I eat rice or ramen for breakfast frequently because I'm a proud ASIAN(japanese to be exact lol)

Okays....soooo I guess 16 people that I hafta tag now....er...
1) JigokuSakura
5)Bob the 3
9)Rein Akira

Wut? You don't wanna do it? Fine then. If you don't wanna do it say that you don't wanna be tagged anymore and give that tagging privilage I just gave you to someone else and tell them you don't want it anymore and tell them that they have been tagged by me.

If you don't understand what tagging is then you hafta give 8 facts about yourself even if they're random then tag other people. Usually it's 5 but I do 8 cause that's what most people on DA do. lol theOTaku.com is still my on and only love though. FOREVAH BABEH!!

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