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Sunday, March 16, 2008

   I don't know what the title's supposed to be!!!
Well what's up people? O genki desu ka?
Well not many new people(as in new O members) seem to be activating their account since to register you had to go to theOtaku. So then I think that they don't know that they even have the option of activating or customizing. Well, whatever. Anyways, I just remembered that I didn't get to tell you guys yet what my DA account url is yet. Wanna visit? Well here's the url:


So, wanna do an art trade or a request for no apparent reason even though you know that it'll come out horriblely drawn which I'm very sorry since it's gonna come out that way since I have no talent what so ever? Huh? huh? Anyone? Anyone? Pick a number. Any number. Okay now I'm just going off into a random mode.

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