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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm sooo freggin pissed off right now!! Even though I got my highest honors award for the 2nd term today, the bitchy girls in my class were being bitchy and they F***** threw and/or smashed my clored pencils! GOD!!! And none of my friends were there cause the boys were on a club field trip and my girl friends were absent. And to top it all off, I can't send any replies or pm anyone on version vibrant for some god damn reason! I am gonna blow my F***** head off right now. Also, if for some reason you wanna know, I happen to have a deviant art account. I actually just remembered I had one a couple days ago. So yeah. I'm Gonna blow my freggin head off right now if anything else bad happens! If you wanna talk then just put it as a comment on the post cause the thing won't let me pm people.
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