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Saturday, February 13, 2010

look whos back...
god damn.... been a long time no?
half of you my dears arent even here anymore how sad? been 5-2 years since most of my firends have beeen on here crazy times lol but look whos talking right been years for me too no?
i REALY should post i have so many things to tell you guys
i have a tattoo
i have 2 job [ikinds why i never get on lol]
and i have a half crazy life half lol
SHIT and im almost 20!!! .... i sware i started this when i was 13.... and i see how less popular it has become.... lol
ill seee whats going on around here....
love the ranting no?
... um ya love you guys and if any thing drop me and email or IM if i dont post again in a year lol
Email- Jeninkd@hotmail.com

~take care~

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